The Grand Finale of Safety Month | Driving Safety and Do Unto Others

June is National Safety Month, and at J Bar Enterprises, we’re committed to making safety a top priority for everyone, everywhere. As a leading portable sanitation company, we believe that safety starts with each of us at work and home, and extends to our communities. Each week we will introduce a safety procedure or a bit of knowledge about safety, and explain how it correlates with one of our core values.

We will cover processes and procedures we follow here at our facility, as well as global safety measures you can take to support those around you. Be sure to follow along with this journey and keep an eye out for blog posts, videos, and a podcast episode with our Safety & Training Steward, who has decades of experience in the field!

As Safety Month draws to a close, we reflect on the values that guide us at J Bar Enterprises:

Honest Communication, Overcomer, Excellence in the Ordinary, Servanthood, Self-Employed Mentality, and Family

These values converge in our commitment to driving safety, encapsulated by the timeless principle of “do unto others.” Our drivers spend 6 to 7 hours of their 10-hour day behind the wheel, and we believe that treating others on the road as we would like to be treated is essential for everyone’s safety.

Excellence in the Ordinary: The J Bar Standard

At J Bar Enterprises, we believe that excellence isn’t found in extraordinary moments alone but in the everyday actions we take. Our drivers are the backbone of our operations, and their safety—and yours—is paramount. Here’s how we ensure our drivers are well-prepared:

  • Rigorous Vetting: All drivers undergo thorough background checks and driving history reviews before joining our team.
  • Continuous In-House Training: Our drivers receive ongoing training that covers alertness, attentiveness, proper following distance, and speed management. This training also includes Pedestrian and Cyclist Awareness, ensuring our drivers are mindful of everyone on the road.

Weekly Devotionals and Prayers

Every week, our staff minister leads a devotional, reinforcing our commitment to safety and servanthood. Our prayer captures our dedication to integrity and vigilance:

“Father, we come before you now on bended knee, hoping to honor you with our integrity. Please make our judgment as sound as steel and be our hands upon the wheel. Give us strength and vigilance on our routes and help us to serve others, as You did, Lord, without any doubts. Remind us to be gentle, humble and kind, and help us when we stumble in body and mind. Please shelter our families whilst we are away and bring us safely back to them at the end of this day.”

This prayer is more than words; it’s a pledge to uphold the highest standards of safety and service.

Servanthood: Watching Out for You

Our commitment to servanthood means we watch out for your safety on the road, just as we hope you watch out for ours. Here are some ways you can help ensure a safe driving environment for everyone:

  • Be Alert and Attentive: Stay focused on the road and avoid distractions.
  • Maintain Safe Following Distances: Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  • Respect Speed Limits: Speeding endangers everyone. Drive at safe speeds, especially in residential and construction areas.
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Awareness: Always be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, giving them the space they need.

Family: Ensuring Everyone Gets Home Safely

Driving safely is not just about protecting ourselves but also about ensuring that everyone gets home to their families at the end of the day. This is especially important for our drivers who spend most of their day on the road. By adhering to safe driving practices, we honor our families and yours.

At J Bar, we treat our team like family, and we extend that care to the communities we serve. Every action we take is rooted in the desire to protect and serve, echoing our core values.

Safe Driving Tips from J Bar’s Safety Steward, JP Erskine:

“It is not proven that driving aggressively and speeding gets you to your destination faster. Driving a little slower and more consciously doesn’t add that much time to your trip and results in a greater chance of arriving safely. Breaks, even on the side of the road to walk around the vehicle and stretch your legs, can prevent muscular aches and pains from driving and help if you are drowsy. Keeping an eye on children at interstate rest stops and even during fuel stops at travel centers ensures everyone is safe. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for pets, and keep yours safe too!”

Core Values & Safety

Honest Communication

J Bar’s definition: We communicate to our customers and team with integrity.

Safety Month Takeaway: Be open and transparent. Report hazards immediately and discuss safety practices with your family and friends.


J Bar’s definition: We find solutions, not excuses.

Safety Month Takeaway: Face safety challenges head-on. Equip your home with first-aid kits and fire extinguishers, and always stay informed about safety protocols.

Self-Employed Mentality 

J Bar’s definition: This is not just a J-O-B. We all act like we own this place.

Safety Month Takeaway: Take initiative! Conduct regular safety checks in your home and workplace. Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility.


J Bar’s definition: We balance family and working hard.

Safety Month Takeaway: Protect your loved ones. Teach children about emergency procedures and ensure that your family knows what to do in case of an emergency.


J Bar’s definition: There is no one we are too good to serve.

Safety Month Takeaway: Serve your community. Participate in local safety programs, volunteer for neighborhood watch, and help raise awareness about safety measures.

Excellence in the Ordinary

J Bar’s definition: We take pride in the little things.

Safety Month Takeaway: Always go above and beyond, even with the smallest task. Take your work seriously, and don’t leave the requirements of the workplace behind when you go home. Follow those safety processes and values, and share them with others to ensure safety for all.

A Recap of Safety Month and How J Bar’s Core Values Tie Into Safety

As we conclude Safety Month, we encourage you to take these lessons to heart. Share this knowledge with your loved ones and your community. Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Let’s continue to uphold these values every day, on and off the road. Drive safely, treat others with kindness and respect, and always remember the principle of “do unto others.”

Stay safe, stay vigilant, and let’s make every day a safe day for all.

Savanna Gregg