Dumpster Rental FAQ

J Bar’s roll off dumpsters are a great solution to your search for debris removal either from construction sites or personal property. But scheduling the rental of a service can lead to many questions – you want to know where your money is going, right? 

We recognize that here at J Bar, and wanted to give you a place where you can find the answers to your questions before you make the decision to rent your next roll off dumpster.

Dumpster Rental FAQ

For how long can I rent a roll off dumpster? 

J Bar offers 7-day rentals, but you are able to keep the dumpster on site for as long as you need it, with daily rental fees.

We also offer weekend dumpster rentals! These are dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday. Weekend dumpsters are perfect for those home cleanouts, yard cleanup after a storm, or any other small projects that just need a few days of work to finish.

When can I get my roll off dumpster? 

Dumpster deliveries are completed within 72 business hours of the customer’s request.

What is the weight limit of the dumpster? 

Our dumpsters have a 3-ton weight limit. We ask that you be careful not to exceed this limit, as it increases the wear and tear on our trucks, and costs you! Overweight fees are $120/ton if your dumpster ends up being heavier than three tons upon pickup.

What size is a roll off dumpster? 

J Bar offers 20-cubic-yard and 10-cubic-yard roll off dumpsters. Our 20 yard dumpster is 14’ L x 7’ W x 6’ H. Our 10 yard dumpster is the same footprint as the 20 yard dumpster, but it is shorter – coming in at 3 feet high.

How much clearance do your drivers need? 

Our drivers need approximately 13 feet of clearance to drop your dumpster safely and efficiently. 

I am cleaning up heavy roofing material. What do you recommend I do? 

We typically deliver a 10-yard dumpster to customers who are removing roofing or other heavy material like concrete and rock, to ensure they do not go over the 3-ton weight limit. 

What can I put in your roll off dumpsters? 

We can accept any material, trash, or debris except for tires, hazardous waste such as liquid paint, gas, and oil. If you are getting rid of appliances such as refrigerators, we can only accept those if they are certified to have been emptied of coolant by a professional.  

Do I need to be on site when you deliver? 

If you are unable to be at your site at the time of delivery, our drivers can still drop your dumpster off! Upon setting up your delivery, our customer service representatives will ask for special drop-off instructions, or our drivers will gladly call you to discuss the drop off location.

I am probably going to need multiple dumpsters. What do I need to do? 

You can schedule multiple dumpsters to be delivered, or pre-schedule swaps with our customer service representatives when you set up your delivery! Or, if you find you have filled the dumpster up unexpectedly, just give us a call, and we will get a swap scheduled for you! Deliveries and swaps occur within 72 business hours of the customer’s request.

Can I rent a roll off dumpster for a special event? 

Yes!! If you are expecting a lot of trash from your event, we are happy to get a dumpster out to your site. Our special event coordinator will make sure all your needs are met for your next event.

Whether you are renting a long-term dumpster or just need a little help with some weekend cleanup, J Bar is by your side! We mean it when we say “we set the bar. One call gets it all!” 

If you have any questions about dumpster rentals and would like more information, please give us a call at 830-598-5227 and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Savanna Gregg