Make the most out of your weekend with a J Bar dumpster

These Texas afternoons are still pretty hot, but we can’t deny the slightly cooler mornings we have been experiencing here in Central Texas! Surely that means better weather is coming… And when it cools down, it will be a great time to complete that outdoor project or home cleanout you have been wanting to do, but have been putting off due to the heat.

The perks to renting a weekend roll off dumpster from J Bar are hard to beat. Sure, you could load your trash, dirt, rock, or other debris into a trash trailer to be hauled off, but it is more than likely that you will have to remove a few loads and take a few trips. 

Our 20-cubic-yard roll off dumpsters provide the perfect one-and-done drop-off and removal scenario – saving you time and most importantly, money. 

To give you an idea of the size of a 20-yard dumpster, the dimensions are 14’ X 7’ X 6’, allowing for tons (3 tons* to be exact) of debris to be removed from your site at one time. The best part of all, is that you don’t have to haul that trash yourself! 

While we can haul almost any type of construction/household debris, there are a few items/materials that we cannot remove from your site. These include hazardous waste such as liquid paint, gas, oil, tires, or appliances containing Antifreeze (ex: refrigerators).

Heavy material that is accepted but should be limited include rock, tile, concrete, etc. These materials quickly approach that 3-ton weight limit. If you are removing a great deal of stone or heavy materials, let our customer service representatives know when you call to schedule services. We offer 10-cubic yard dumpsters for those jobs.

Our weekend dumpster rentals are delivered to your site on Fridays, and picked up on Mondays. The simple ordering process is a great way to get a jumpstart on your cleanup project, and our prompt removal gets that debris and container out of your way so you can continue on with what’s next. 

If you are ready to get your project/job started give us a call at 830-598-JBAR and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to get your dumpster delivery on the schedule.

*Our dumpsters have a 3-ton weight limit. If at the time of disposal of your dumpster the weight is over that limit, a $65/ton overweight fee will be charged. If you are unsure how much debris you actually have, here is a good reference from our friends at Gainsborough Waste: 

Leaves, grass & other organic matter: 1 cubic yard = 0.5-0.75 tons

Dry dirt: 1 cubic yard = 1 ton 

Wet dirt: 1 cubic yard = 3 tons

Rocks & gravel: 1 cubic yard = 1.2 – 1.35 tons

Trees/logs: 10 logs = .05 tons (this may differ based on type of tree and water content)

Savanna Gregg