Portable Sanitation: Making an Impact on Conservation and Health

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we have to use the restroom while we are at an outdoor event, and we hesitate to use the portable that are available to guests, whether because of a past experience that left us a little grossed out, or at the general idea that that type of restroom facility is just all around undesirable. But fear not!

Many know that we call our units sanitary restrooms, because J Bar strives to provide immaculately clean and sanitary services for our customers. We truly care about the health and safety of contractors and event guests, and are dedicated to setting the bar in the portable sanitation industry to make more sanitary facilities available to people in our service area and beyond. 

You may not know it, but sanitary restrooms play a very important role in the health and safety of people all over the world; many people only have a plastic portable restroom to use because they do not have adequate plumbing or live in an area of the world where it is just not accessible yet. 

Along with providing a safe place for people to use the restroom, sanitary restrooms are a major part of water conservation. Every day, sanitary restrooms save 125 million gallons of freshwater. That means each year, 45 billion gallons of water are saved. 

According to the Portable Sanitation Association International, someone flushing a toilet uses more water than they would taking a shower or doing any other activity that involves using water. Seeing that only 3% of Earth’s water supply is freshwater, conservation is very important in today’s society, and using portable toilets is a great way to make that happen.

This is not always a pretty industry, but we at J Bar hope to make everyone aware that the role we, and others in the portable sanitation industry, play each and every day is an essential part of your health and safety. 

Part of the promise we make to our customers is that we provide immaculately clean sanitary restrooms that we clean and sanitize weekly with hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure you and your staff or event guests can work on site, enjoy some time with friends and family, and return home with the peace of mind that you were able to utilize a clean restroom throughout that time. 

For more information about our restroom cleaning process, visit our Blog post about our 10-step restroom cleaning procedure

Next time you find yourself looking at a sanitary restroom with a sense of dread, just know that these plastic restrooms (from J Bar and all other companies around the world) make a huge difference in the lives of many!

To learn more about J Bar’s Sanitary Restrooms and the other services we offer to make contractor and event planners’ jobs easier and healthier, check out our website and be sure to continue checking our blog for more information! We regularly post on Facebook and LinkedIn too, so give us a follow! We are happy to have you join us on our journey to making sanitary restrooms more accessible to our families and communities.

The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) is a great resource for those interested in the portable sanitation industry. Visit their website to learn more about the industry and see how portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers make an impact on people around the world.

Savanna Gregg