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Become a J Bar Ambassador!

As a company based on servanthood, we know that the people we serve rely on us to consistently provide sanitary services to maintain great hygiene for a safe environment. 

In return, J Bar Enterprises relies on our customers to share our company with others not only in the industry but even further into their communities. 

The J Bar Ambassador Program is as easy as a couple of clicks and a few moments of your time providing feedback. We have launched this project in hopes of gathering opinions and feedback from our loyal customers who will take the time to spread the word about our company throughout the community we serve and that you call home.

Our goal is to take genuine, honest reviews of our work and improve our services so we can serve you better. We promise excellent customer service from your initial phone call to the continuation of services for your multiple job sites, events, and projects. We are counting on you to help us uphold that promise and make changes to our processes if you see a need for it.

And, of course, there is a bit of a reward in store for those who reach Ambassador status! Keep reading to learn about the J Bar Ambassador Program and things you can do to earn rewards and recognition.

Submit 20 AirVote reviews              

We have utilized the AirVote system to improve our services and meet our customers’ needs, which other citizens use our sanitary restrooms. It will now play a part in helping you achieve ambassador status. 

Submit 20 AirVote reviews over time with your genuine opinion of the condition of the restroom you are using. From there, you will be able to click the “Become a J Bar Ambassador” button, and a list of instructions will pop up!

Leave J Bar a Review on Google

Give our Facebook page a Like, Let Us Know You’re Here     

Head over to your Facebook, give our page a “Like,” and post your review while “checking in” to our page. For even more brownie points, please invite your friends and family to Like the page as well and encourage them to use our restrooms and submit their votes!

Through the AirVote software, we will keep tabs on the number of reviews you send in and contact you via Gmail or Facebook to let you 

know when you have performed the other tasks and reached your Ambassador Goal.

What’s in it for me?

Once you have left your 20 AirVote reviews and Facebook Check-In post, you will have the opportunity to choose from our collection of J Bar merchandise, like a hat, coffee mug, or other goodies as this project evolves, as well as a badge naming you a J Bar Ambassador. We will also give you recognition on our social media, publicly thanking you for taking the time to advocate for our company.

Even further, if you are a part of a company using our services and submitting these reviews, we will get in touch with you regarding promotion through our social media to thank you for your business and get your name out in the community.

We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our customers, improving our processes to better serve them, and becoming better together, and it all starts with you!

If You Would Like, Leave J Bar a Review on Google

As an extra step, not necessary for J Bar swag, we encourage you to further log in to your Google account if you aren’t already logged in on your phone and submit a review of our services. Once you are logged in to your Google or Facebook AirVote will remember you and the voting process will be quick and easy for future votes. If you have already added a Google review, you will be prompted to edit that review, as multiple Google reviews are not possible.

If you have any questions about the Ambassador program, feel free to give us a call at 830-598-5227 or email savanna@gojbar.com. 

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