Sanitary Restrooms & Hand Wash Stations

We pride ourselves on being the industry leader in portable toilet quality and service. We guarantee each of our portable toilets will be delivered immaculately clean and graffiti free. Included in the price of your rental is a complete service once a week which includes complete pump out, restocking, and top to bottom cleaning with hospital grade disinfectant. Our toilets have a grated floor to allow for better ventilation and we use the strongest deodorizer and non-formaldehyde tank tablets available year round; not just when it’s 100 degrees. We challenge you to find a cleaner, more pleasant, portable toilet anywhere. If you’re a satisfied customer check out our discounts page to learn about our referral program. All month to month rentals are billed on a 28 day cycle.

Did you know? The standard requirement for sanitary restrooms on a construction site is one toilet per 8 people per job site. Be sure you are providing enough sanitary facilities for you and your crew! 

  • Sanitary Restroom

  • $160
  • This is our most popular rental. One toilet will accommodate 10 persons on a job site for a regular work week. * Standard Pricing.
  • Women’s Units

  • $180
  • Women-only units are labeled as reserved for women only and have a small mirror and trash can. OSHA recommends that employers provide separate portable restroom facilities for men and women. * Standard Pricing.
  • Hand Wash Stations

  • $180
  • Each stand alone unit has two wash centers with fresh water, antibacterial soap, and paper towels. Stations out for monthly rental are refilled and stocked once weekly.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • $125
  • Each stand alone unit has 4, 1 Liter, alcohol foam dispensers. Stations out for monthly rental are refilled weekly.

*Standard Pricing. Pricing may vary depending on location – see our Service Area map for details on regional pricing.