J Bar Special Events welcomes a new feature to provide patrons a more positive experience

The summer months are upon us, and on the heels of the summer heat comes the fun of special events! While you are attending an outdoor event in the middle of summer, you don’t want to step into a hot and steamy portapotty to take care of business – especially with your family in tow.

At J Bar, we are all about comfort! When you step into a J Bar sanitary restroom at your next event, rest assured that you will leave feeling satisfied.

With our solar-powered ventilation fans and grated floors for better air flow throughout the restroom, you won’t have to suffer in a stuffy, uncomfortable environment.

Sanitary Restrooms

Along with better ventilation, our restrooms feature a solar-powered light inside, that will make using the restroom at a nighttime event just a little more enjoyable. 

You are probably thinking “this just can’t get any better!” But, surprise, it can! 

Our special event sanitary restrooms are also Elite units, featuring a full hand wash station inside the unit. This comes complete with a fresh/greywater tank with a foot pump for hands-free use, hand soap, and paper towel dispenser. No water hookups are needed for these restrooms as the tanks are standalone. Our service drivers will take care of everything for you.

Now for the great news! J Bar is proud to introduce…

A new feature we are adding to all of our special event sanitary restrooms is a caddy that you can use to store your drink, your purse or keys, and your phone while you are using the restroom! We all know the dreadful feeling of taking your belongings into a portable toilet at an event. 

For years, you have had to maneuver inside the restroom in such a way that you don’t drop your phone in the tank, fret about where to set your belongings, and emerge hot, sweaty and irritated. We are happy to give you a solution to that problem!

As an event solutions company, we are always trying to find new processes and products to introduce to our customers to make every event more memorable than it was the last time.

Our innovative sanitary restrooms offer various features designed for comfort and most importantly, your health and safety.

These features along with our restrooms remaining immaculately clean, sanitized, and graffiti-free have many event goers seeking out the orange sanitary restrooms at local events. 

Next time you are at an outdoor event in Central Texas, take the edge off with a trip to one of J Bar’s sanitary restrooms. When you gotta go, go J Bar!

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