J Bar’s Mission is to Serve our Employees, Customers, and Communities

J Bar’s mission is to serve our employees, customers, and communities by living out the example that Jesus set when he washed the feet of those around him. Each staff member from the office to the field works to work towards that mission in their daily operations to ensure a great customer experience, the health and safety of customers and their families, and in turn, the communities that seek support.

As a Christian-based company, the team at J Bar takes the core value of servanthood to the highest level, treating everyone with the same respect and grace no matter the customer. One way to put it is that it’s sort of like the Golden Rule, treating others the way you want to be treated. We love our neighbors and use our company’s resources to serve them best because we know excellent customer service.

Each Tuesday morning, we are presented a Biblical passage by our staff minister that reflects our business in one way or another. In the leading prayer, we ask God to make us the leaders he wants us to be, and are reminded of our goal as a company – to provide a multitude of services for those who seek them with the concept of servanthood in mind – there is no one we are too good to serve, just as there was no one Jesus was too good to serve.

There are four parts to our company’s vision. Firstly, we are a people-building company, transforming our people, their families, and our communities. J Bar employees are given opportunities to thrive in their environments and reach goals they set for themselves, surpass them, and grow even further as employees and humans.

The same can be said for our impact on our employees’ families. J Bar offers spiritual, financial, and emotional growth opportunities among its employees that ultimately benefit their families at home and encourage their peers to do the same.

By building up our communities, we offer services to those tasked to provide homes for families and commercial buildings for our economic development. Being a leader in the portable sanitation industry, providing sanitary restrooms to those customers helps them complete their jobs with the peace of mind offered by maintaining their hygiene while improving their community.

Second, we are a customer service company that exceeds expectations in the field and the office. Our employees go above and beyond to provide a service better than the customer’s expectations from the initial phone call ordering services to the continued services with our service technicians, roll off drivers, and crane operators. This coincides with our core value of excellence in the ordinary and the self-employed mentality value.

At J Bar, we all strive to make positive interactions with our customers a common goal across the board.
Our service technicians don’t always speak to the customer that they are servicing on their route. Still, their actions show their dedication to the customer’s cleanliness and our appreciation for their business. We all work together to provide excellent customer service from beginning to end.

The third part of our vision is that we are a media company that promotes our customers’ interests by finding ways to use technology and media to promote our customers and to provide added value to every dollar a customer spends with us.

We consistently provide content on our website and social media accounts to educate our followers about the services we provide and interact with our community and customers. We are always throwing around ideas to bring entertainment and education to our customers and promote their businesses on our social media as a thank you for their support.
Through all these things and more, we are able to ensure our customers have a great experience not only with their services but in the aspect of fostering a partnership geared towards promoting each other.

Lastly, we are a community service company that seeks opportunities and takes proactive steps toward serving and supporting our community members in temporary and long-term needs. This goes hand-in-hand with J Bar’s Ministry, which we covered in last week’s installment of “The J Bar Difference.”

We have found opportunities before to be a hands-on help to people experiencing hardships such as a house burning down – we recently were able to gather a few team members, take a few dumpsters out to the site, and help a homeowner clean up the wreckage. Some of our sanitary restrooms are permanent fixtures of customers’ homes because they have no running water or are experiencing other hardships. We pride ourselves on being able to help that person in need just as much as the home builder down the street.

We are not just a company looking to provide a service and make money – we are a community service company hoping to find any and all opportunities to exemplify the features of our mission and vision in our daily operations.

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Savanna Gregg
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