Father, we come before you now on bended knee, hoping to honor you with our integrity. Please make our judgement as sound as steel and be our hands upon the wheel. Give us strength and vigilance on our routes and help us to serve others, as You did, Lord, without any doubts. Remind us to be gentle, humble and kind, and help us when we stumble in body and mind. Please shelter our families whilst we are away and bring us safely back to them at the end of this day.

Make the Most of the Moment

Luke 18:35-43 KJV – “And it came to pass, that as he was come nigh unto Jericho, a certain blind man sat by the wayside begging: and hearing the multitude pass by, he asked what it meant. And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by. And he cried, saying, ‘Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.’ And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace; but he cried so much the more, ‘Thou son of David, have mercy on me.’ and Jesus stood, and commanded him to be brought unto him: and when he was come near, he asked him, saying ‘What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?’ And he said ‘Lord, that I may receive my sight.’ And Jesus said unto him, ‘Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee.’ And immediately he received his sight, and followed him, glorifying God: and all the people, when they saw it, gave praise unto God.”

Notice, Jesus comes into this man’s life for just a moment, and then we never hear about this man again. Most of the people we read about in the New Testament had one momentary encounter with Jesus, He helped them, they went on their way, and we never hear about them again.

But in that moment, Jesus made such an impact, such a difference in their lives, that they were never the same, in a positive way. 

Other examples include the woman at the well (John 4:1-42), the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48), a widow and her son being revived from the dead (2 Kings 4:1-38), the lame man (John 5:1-15), and the woman taken in adultery (John 8:1-11)

Think about it: how many people do we encounter in a moment that we may never cross paths with again? What impact did we have? People come into our lives and go out just as quickly, but what did we do with the moment that we had? 

Here are a few ways we can make a difference when those times come: 

  1. Look for the moment – Jesus came to seek. He was looking for opportunities to help, to encourage, to bless. All around people are hurting, discouraged, sick, poor. Gal. 6:10 states “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men.” the opportunities are there, we just have to look!
  2. When the moment comes, make the most of it. Notice, with all that was going on, Jesus stopped and gave all of his attention to that one. Slow down. Take time. Focus.
  3. Don’t let opposition stop you. Opportunity and opposition usually present themselves at the same time. Don’t let it keep you from taking advantage of the moment you have with someone to make a difference. Just keep seeking, helping, making a difference.
  4. Praise God when they come, praise God when they go. Don’t be upset when people leave your life; they were meant for that moment.

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