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May J Bar Staff Newsletter

Happy May! We had a whirlwind of a time last month but we made it through, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our amazing team. Everyone made our customers a priority while balancing the craziness that was eclipse orders/services and our care for those customers is evident in the reviews they have left for us in the last month. Way to go team! Enjoy some of the photos that were shared throughout last month, as well as some other news and events in our May newsletter.

Thank you for being a part of the J Bar family!

Remember, if you have something to celebrate, an event you would like to invite us to, or a cool photo of our staff out in the field, please share it. Feel free to email Savanna at savanna@gojbar.com and we will add it to the newsletter. Also, if you have a life event you would like to be noted, email Sarah Sims at sarahs@gojbar.com.

We will be happy to share any great news with the team!

Thanks to Debra and everyone else who took care of our customers at the Llano Crawfish Open!

Dinner with a view!

Cheeeeese!! Thank you for your hard work, Shawn!

JJ spotted in the wild!

Thank you for the photo, Cody Cornelius!

Amanda got to hang out with beer burros Jesse and James at an open house where we set up a vendor booth

Happy customer that had a sanitary restroom at his campsite at the Riata Roundup in Lampasas!

Dress like the birthday boy (I mean, boss) day went off swimmingly! Happy birthday, David! Check out our TikTok for a quick video showing our birthday fun.

CASH construction going above and beyond for our driver, to ensure they can complete their route!

Thank you to our Chief Wellness Steward Tanis for sharing some important information about nutrients our bodies need, that we may not have been aware of. Links can be found on the Namely post she shared, but we are including them here as well.

10X Optimize

Thorne Advanced Nutrients

Smarty Pants Multivitamins

Click  here to access our J Bar swag shop!! JJ and Employee of the Month recipients are given credit to the store, but anyone can order from it at any time! Keep an eye on it and see what we add to it as time goes on. Enjoy!

Did you know J Bar has a podcast?! Check out The J Bar Experience on Spotify! There you will find employee interviews (more to come) and more recently, recordings of the devotionals shared during our Tuesday morning company meetings. Savanna is looking forward to creating more episodes with our amazing team in the coming year. Come see her if you have any ideas for an episode!

You’ll see a familiar face in this promotional video featuring Erik and Kenneth Meeks! This video is another installment of the “Comfort Chronicles” and shows how J Bar is set apart from the other guys. This is one of our favorite videos! Please take a look.

Click here to access the signup sheet for the Putters & Gutters Concerts! 2024 shows to be announced. See newsletter for more information, or email Savanna at savanna@gojbar.com if you have any questions! Drivers, yard crew, and mechanics get first dibs. If you are part of the office staff, please enter your names in the “Alternate” section.

Be sure to follow our TikTok page for some fun videos featuring our team! This is such a fun way to promote our company. Hope you enjoy!

J Bar

Click here for important J Bar links! From HR resources, to behind-the-scenes content like our Blog and podcast, there is so much more to J Bar than just being a business. Let us know if you have any questions!

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