As our J Bar family closes another meaningful year, we have all taken a moment to reflect on the journey, roadblocks, obstacles, successes, and all.

Being a part of a small-town company that has had the opportunity to service multiple construction companies, event holders, and communities, we have encountered a number of individuals that have reminded us daily of our mission as servants to those who put their trust in us.

As staff minister Mark Pederson so eloquently put it at this week’s staff meeting, “we at J Bar have a common belief that we are here to serve God, our families, each other, the community and lastly ourselves. We treasure the opportunity to serve others as we have been served in this life. We strive to be servant leaders, selfless and in the image of our greatest teacher and servant leader, Jesus Christ.” (Read more on our Ministry page)

With your continued support, we can practice that value of servanthood every day, and for that, we are so grateful!

The beginning of the year held a bit of uncertainty of what was to come, as we were still dealing with the continuing threat of the coronavirus among job sites and special events. But we, like other companies, were ready to conquer whatever challenges we were faced with and return to what normalcy we could.

As the year has progressed, the freedom to host events and continue constructing homes and communities has slowly returned to a more comfortable level. We have been happy to continue serving our customers with our sanitary restrooms, roll off dumpsters, holding tank and RV servicing, crane services, luxury restroom trailers, and hand wash and hand sanitizer stations.

Even though our number of special events was reably lower than usual, our hand wash and hand sanitizer stations have remained a prominent part of our deliveries and services, and even increased from last year. The growing awareness of sanitation and hygiene among individuals, their crews, and their families has created an ever-increasing need for those services at job sites, smaller events, and organizations.
We are eager to continue providing those services, as well as our sanitary restrooms, to keep you and your family safe from the spread of illness, and do our part in helping the country return to normal – as much as we can from Central Texas!

Our sanitary restroom deliveries and services have continued to increase despite our customers’ obstacles. Due to the coronavirus situation throughout the country, plastic production slowed (and the price of which increased) significantly, causing issues on our end with getting restrooms out to our customers. We learned to adapt to that challenge and have continued with deliveries.

Despite seeing a dip in large events, our luxury trailer rentals have remained constant – mainly due to so many lovebirds finally getting to follow through with their weddings after restrictions were lifted following the craziness that was 2020. We are so blessed to make our customers’ wedding day as perfect as can be.

While things are still not the way we would prefer them to be, we are finding ways to continue serving communities and improving the health and safety of those who use our services. We look forward to what the year 2022 has in store for us, and so far, there are big things in store! Among other things, we are slated to move into a new location which will provide us many opportunities to improve our services and bring new ones to the table. Please keep an eye on our blog and social media for updates on that progress.

We as a team are eager to get this new year started and cannot wait to share new growth with you, our customers, and our family.

Thank you for sticking with us this year – here’s to a new year full of prosperity and blessings!

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Savanna Gregg
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