J Bar sets the Bar for Texas Education Agency back to school guidelines

As the country was hit by the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic this spring, J Bar recognized the importance of keeping individuals safe and set out to provide opportunities for builders to remain working in a sanitary environment, stepping up to do our best in stopping the spread of the virus among our patrons.

The concern didn’t stop at builders; other community members are always at risk of contracting the virus, especially those attending more events as they open back up, and our children who have begun returning to school.

One major product J Bar is using to fight the coronavirus is the Fastlane Hand Wash stations they have created for use at area schools as kids return back to some normalcy after an extended Spring Break. The Fastlane Hand Wash stations are a walk-through unit with four handwash stations inside, which contain 40 gallons of freshwater, hand soap dispensers, and paper towel holders. These units provide students and staff members with an efficient way of following the guidelines set forth by the Texas Education Agency, including having a means of washing hands at every entrance of campus and washing hands multiple times a day. For more information about the Fastlane Hand Wash stations and regulations from the TEA, be sure to read a recent article about the Fastlanes, found on our J Bar Blog.

J Bar has lent a hand to our builders as well, offering our new Elite restrooms to our many customers in an effort to provide more efficiency in keeping sanitized as they work hard to finish homes and buildings.

The Elite restrooms are our upgraded VIP (ventilation improvement program) units with solar-powered ventilation fans for better circulation throughout the unit, equipped with a hand wash station on the inside of the unit. These are offered at an unbeatable price for those who need a little extra sanitation in their work area.

As mandates and laws are implemented and changed as the country learns how to navigate through this pandemic, contractors are faced with ever-changing policies they must use in their everyday work, and J Bar hopes to make that an easier transition, going with the flow and adapting to all the changes these strange times bring. We are happy to provide units at every job site, be it an Elite restroom or a standard unit with a standalone hand wash or hand sanitizer station.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, along with the creation of new restrooms, J Bar has procured more handwash stations and hand sanitizer stations in order to accommodate our customers’ needs. If your company is in need of these services, we have them, and we are happy to share! It is so important in these times to maintain healthy habits by regularly washing hands and doing the best we can to keep us and our families safe, and J Bar is eager to share our products and services with those who need them.

Savanna Gregg