Give Back To Your Community This Holiday Season

During Christmastime, many of us find ourselves wondering what gifts to purchase for our family and friends, scrambling to get them wrapped and under the tree before Christmas morning.

After sitting through traffic, fighting the crowds to find your gifts, and standing in line at the register, the joy on our loved ones’ faces makes the stress of shopping worth it in the end.

While so many families are lucky enough that their only issue during the holiday season is figuring out what to get their children and loved ones and venturing out to get it, thousands more find themselves wondering how they are even going to make Christmas happen.

When you are thinking about what to get “the person who has everything” this year, instead of dwelling too long on that, sit down with that person and find a local charity to give to in place of buying each other gifts.

We are in the season of giving again as another year comes to a close. The best way to embrace the warmth that giving a gift evokes is to give others a meaningful experience.

There may be a local family you know of personally in need of financial assistance and unable to provide gifts for their children. Consider giving them a gift card or shopping for some of their children’s Christmas wish list items.

There are also many organizations and food banks in your area that store and distribute goods to those families, always accepting donations of non-perishable food items.

Highland Lakes food pantries:

  • Church of Christ, 711 Broadway, Marble Falls
  • First Baptist Church Food Pantry, 501 12th Street, Marble Falls
  • The Helping Center, 1016 Broadway, Marble Falls
  • LACare, 507 Buchanan Drive, Burnet
  • Joseph’s Food Pantry, 706 N. Phillips Ranch Road, Granite Shoals,
  • Bertram Food Pantry, 520 E Hwy 29, Bertram
  • The Cupboard Food Pantry, 4111 Cottonwood Drive, Cottonwood Shores

For information on days of operation, foods needed, and volunteer opportunities, contact information for these food pantries can be found at

Other non-profit organizations to consider volunteering for or donating to

The Highland Lakes Crisis Network is an organization of churches that come together to help meet people’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs in the community.

His Joshua House provides a safe place for men affected by addiction and other circumstances, offering recovery through a 12-step program based on Christian principles.

The Highland Lakes Crisis Center supports those affected by sexual and domestic abuse, offering emergency services, comprehensive intervention, and educational programs.

The Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center advocates for children and families affected by abuse, raising awareness and educating the community on child abuse.

The Open Door Recovery House provides a Christian environment geared towards women seeking recovery from alcohol drug abuse.

The list of non-profit organizations accepting donations and volunteer opportunities is endless the further out you venture. Unfortunately, there will always be someone in need for many reasons. Still, these organizations’ mission is to reduce that number through every effort possible.
The most meaningful thing you can do this holiday season is to assist these organizations in reaching their goals, ultimately providing a sense of security and peace for the families they serve. We hope you consider sharing the Christmas spirit with a local family this year and that you and your family have a memorable, special holiday.
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