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An Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Luxury Portable Restroom

Did you know there are more than three million portable toilets in use across the world? Portable toilets – more often called porta-potty – are dominantly seen at construction sites, remote locations, and any outdoor event. They’re an excellent way to ensure sanitation and convenience without having to build brick-and-mortar restrooms.

But some lower-end porta-potty models can leave guests wanting something more. Most events have begun using luxury porta-potty models to improve the experience their guests have at any outdoor event.

If you’re curious about luxury portable toilet rental, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about luxury toilets for your outdoor event. We’ll also look into some of the features you can expect from a luxury restroom.

Why Use A Luxury Porta-Potty?

Many companies will seek to cut costs when planning an outdoor event. One of the first places some companies look is the restrooms.

Some companies choose to use lower-cost portable toilet rental units. While these are more affordable, they cut out many quality-of-life benefits.

If you’re holding a VIP event, using lackluster toilets can leave a bad impression. A luxury restroom will impress guests, especially at an outdoor event where such things are less common.

Furthermore, luxury porta-potty units are more sanitary and healthy. Smaller units are crowded, poorly ventilated, lack lighting, and more issues.

Luxury units are larger, making guests more comfortable and less likely to bump into dirty surfaces. They’re also kept cleaner, as guests aren’t as hesitant to use them correctly. Finally, they’re better ventilated and lit, making them more pleasant to use.

Types of Luxury Portable Toilets

If you’re curious about a luxury portable toilet rental, it may surprise you to learn there are many available models. Here are some of the common types of luxury portable toilets.

Standard Luxury Restroom

The most common type of luxury portable toilet is aptly called a standard luxury restroom. These models are more spacious, providing a comfortable interior.

Additionally, these toilets flush, which a lower-end model won’t. Instead, lower-quality portable restrooms will have a reservoir for human waste. Since this standard restroom flushes, the unpleasant stench and accompanying health risks are dealt with.

There are VIP models which include more amenities. These include air conditioning, mirrors, and more polished interiors.

Luxury Toilet Trailer

A step up from the standard model is a fixed toilet trailer. Trailer-mounted luxury restrooms are ideal for larger events or a semi-permanent restroom facility.

For example, these restrooms are common in some outdoor farmers ets, which occur repeatedly. They’re more permanent than truck-loaded porta-potty units at a one-weekend music festival but more temporary than a brick-and-mortar restroom.

These models offer multiple stalls and high-end features. Running water, air conditioning, and sound systems are common benefits. As such, they’re more costly than standard options.

Luxury Portable Trailers

Another option is luxury restroom trailers. These are a better model of trailer-mounted restrooms and are ideal for more upscale events. You’ll find these models at galas, weddings, corporate events, and more.

Luxury trailer restrooms offer a more “at-home” experience, running water, climate control, and high-end finishes. Some offer a lounge-style area or amenities such as mints and towels.

ADA-Compliant Portable Toilets

Finally, ADA-compliant portable toilets are toilets that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These toilets ensure that people with disabilities have equal access.

It’s rare for an event to have all of its restrooms ADA-compliant. Instead, they’ll often offer a select number to accompany the other restrooms. These portable toilets include grab bars, ramps, and other accessibility upgrades.

Features to Look For

How can you decide which portable toilet to pick? While these models mentioned above are relatively standard, not all restrooms will meet their guidelines.

Instead, it’s helpful to know which features you need in a portable toilet. Here are some of the most common features of a luxury porta-potty.

Handwashing Stations

One of the most important features of a luxury porta-potty is a handwashing station. A non-luxury porta-potty often features nothing for guests to sanitize with.

Not washing your hands can lead to the spread of sickness and disease. Additionally, guests are more likely to feel dirty or self-conscious if they can’t sanitize their hands. They may avoid the restroom altogether due to this.

If you can’t secure a luxury restroom with handwashing stations, consider exterior portable options. One common model has a reservoir of water and a foot-powered pump at the bottom to let guests wash their hands.


Another great benefit is the lighting inside the restroom. If your event is outdoors and at night, lighting is a necessity.

A non-luxury option will have no lighting, which can lead to guests stumbling inside. Poor lighting is a safety hazard and can lead to messes, poor sanitation, and discomfort. For handicapped stalls, no lighting is considerably worse.

Climate Control

In an outdoor environment, a non-luxury porta-potty becomes unpleasant swiftly. Heat causes the stench of the reservoir to worsen and can cause a health risk. Poor air ventilation magnifies this effect dramatically.

In a luxury model, climate control is a must-have for outdoor events. Having climate control will stop the trailer or portable unit from heating up and becoming unpleasant. In cold weather, it can provide a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.

Planning Your VIP Event

Using your choice of luxury porta-potty models for your VIP event will help escalate the experience for your guests. Think of what model would best fit your plans, particularly if you’re holding an outdoor event. Decide on what features your luxury restroom would most benefit from before choosing your portable toilet rental.

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Savanna Gregg