Review Our Restrooms From Your Phone, and Enter For a Chance to Win!

J Bar Air Vote

Looking for something to do while you’re sitting in one of J Bar’s sanitary restrooms? We all know everyone has their phone on them while they’re taking care of business, and now, customers who use our restrooms are able to send feedback about the unit they are utilizing directly to our office via a quick phone scan, helping out our business.
A new addition to our sanitary restrooms is an AirVote sticker featuring three types of feedback you can scan with your phone’s camera: Happy, Okay, and Sad. Scan one, leave a few words if you feel the need, and send the vote/review along anonymously to be viewed by management. Our process after receiving the review is as follows:
1. The feedback and the unit’s serial number are sent to management at J Bar to analyze and forwarded to customer service.
2. A phone call is made by a customer service representative to see if any extra services are needed or if extra attention during the weekly service route is needed.
3. Customer service addresses the issue with management if there is a problem with the unit’s weekly service or updates services according to the customer’s needs.
4. In some circumstances, Quality Control will be dispatched to the site to check out the unit if negative feedback calls for that.

We love to hear what you think about our sanitary restrooms – the good and the bad – because it helps our operations department address issues among our service technicians that we may not otherwise be aware of, and in other circumstances, gives customers insight into possible overuse of the units by large crews. In some of these instances, there is a possibility that additional units or extra services are needed.
In either situation, the AirVote review process helps operations streamline their processes to make things more efficient for our crews and cleaner for our customers.
All feedback is good feedback, and we always want to hear it. Next time you find yourself in a J Bar sanitary restroom, look for that AirVote sticker, scan the QR code with your phone, and submit your review!
In it to win it…
AirVote reviews are sent in anonymously by default. Still, if you would like to leave your name and contact information, you certainly can. Doing so enters you in for a chance to win a monthly giveaway that we will announce on our Facebook page!
Savanna Gregg