J Bar Assists Contractors in Fighting Coronavirus

The City of Austin recently updated its Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe Order last month, setting requirements for contractors to follow in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus among their multiple job sites.

The requirements, listed below, have set the standards for construction companies throughout J Bar’s service area in response to the pandemic, and J Bar is ready and willing to assist our current customers and other contractors looking for services at their construction sites.

According to the updated order, requirements set forth by the city include:

  • Workers must wear face coverings and maintain a 6-foot physical distance.
  • Sites with more than 10 active workers must stagger shifts.
  • All sites must begin each workday with safety briefings that include reminders of all COVID-19 safety requirements and a check of personal protective equipment.
  • Regular hand washing is required, and hand-washing stations and restroom facilities must be at least 6 feet apart.
  • Worksites must provide single-use disposable paper towels and no-touch trash receptacles.
  • Community water coolers are prohibited.
  • Toilets must be clean, sanitary, and operational.
  • Shared tools must be disinfected between uses, and shared areas must be cleaned at least twice daily.
  • The Site Manager must designate a COVID-19 Safety Monitor, who must be present at the site during all work activities.

With regular hand washing being required, it is crucial to have portable handwash stations along with sanitary restrooms at every construction site to ensure the safety of all workers. J Bar offers standalone handwash stations, as well as our new Elite restrooms which are upgraded, ventilated sanitary restrooms with hand wash stations (complete with sink with a foot pump, hand soap dispenser, and paper towel dispenser) mounted on the inside, both units lending a little convenience to everyone on site.

Hand wash stations can be added to sites for an additional cost on top of the sanitary restroom, but the Elite units are offered at a price break compared to a sanitary restroom + separate hand wash station combo. View this video to take a look at the components of this new restroom, and call us today for more information!

In addition to offering hand wash capabilities, J Bar’s immaculately clean, graffiti-free sanitary restrooms are a great addition to any construction site. They fall in line with the requirement of clean, sanitary, and operational restrooms by the City of Austin as our route drivers head out each week to empty the tanks, sanitize the units with our hospital-grade disinfectant, and make sure the unit is in proper working order until the following week when they repeat the process. For those needing services more frequently than once a week, we offer twice- and three-times-weekly service as well.

We understand that working during the Covid-19 situation can be stressful especially under these new regulations, but the team at J Bar will do anything we can to make the whole process just a little easier and make sure our customers can return home to their families with the peace of mind of knowing they were able to complete their workday under the most sanitary conditions.

As our motto states, “We set the bar. One call gets it all.” Under these new, unfamiliar circumstances, J Bar is working to raise the bar even higher to provide for companies throughout central Texas as they keep their employees safe and able to continue providing services for their own customers.

For more information about the regulations set forth by the City of Austin and Travis County, visit these links:



Savanna Gregg