J Bar Luxury Trailers provide a clean, upscale element for your event

When planning an event, no matter the size or the type of guest you will be entertaining, those guests are going to need a place to use the restroom. If your event is at an outdoor venue with limited or no restroom facilities, you have the option of portable sanitary restrooms. 

At J Bar, we have more than one option for you and your guests! While our special event sanitary restrooms are a great addition to your event, many times our luxury restroom trailers  are just what you need to turn your party, wedding, or festival into something elegant and unforgettable. 

The added comfort of a luxury restroom trailer can mean the biggest difference in your guests’ (and your own) experience at your event, and we are happy to be the ones to make that happen. 

While our luxury restroom trailers all vary in size and capacity, each one serves the purpose of providing an escape for you and your guests during your event. Each luxury restroom trailer is climate controlled, and has running water and full flushable toilets, private stalls for women and stall/urinal combinations for the men. 

J Bar’s luxury restroom trailers are made with our customer’s comfort in mind, and that also includes bluetooth speakers, large vanity mirrors and solid countertops with discreet trash receptacles so you have the same experience you would have in a hotel! 

Keeping true to our brand and the area we have serviced for the last 14 years, each of our trailers has a name that pays tribute to different aspects of the Great State of Texas: the Magnolia, Colorado, Fredericksburg, Bluebonnet, Lone Star, and Driftwood.

In the years of service in Central Texas, our trailers have been added to our customers’ venues in a variety of different weather conditions. Yet each time, the trailers stand up to the steady-changing Texas weather (especially those few months of summer heat we all look forward to) to ensure every aspect of your event is a success. 

To take a look at the luxury restroom trailers we have available, visit our luxury trailer page! There you will find every bit of information you need to get a feel for what our restroom trailers are all about. 

If you are ready to schedule a luxury restroom trailer, be sure to book it by August 31 to receive 10% off your order! For more details on that, give us a call at 830-598-5227 or reach out to our Special Event Coordinator Paula at paulam@gojbar.com

You are always welcome to give us a call for information on scheduling and pricing, at 830-598-5227. We look forward to adding that elegant restroom experience you and your guests need! 

Savanna Gregg