Jerry White named the new J Bar Staff Minister

Shelby Lewis

Jerry White | Staff Minister

Jerry White named the new J Bar Staff Minister.

We are happy to announce that one of our staff members, Jerry White, has recently been named Staff Minister. Jerry brought a kind smiling personality to the J Bar team two years ago and has always shown respect and a helpful disposition towards his peers. Jerry will continue his work as a roll-off driver here at J Bar and lead our Tuesday morning meetings with prayer and a devotional to encourage our staff to show kindness and grace in their work and personal lives. Jerry’s ministry experience comes from his personal experience, and he is also a pastor at Main Street Baptist Church in Burnet. Jerry is always happy to show off his beautiful new grandbaby and is all about family at home and at J Bar. Lucky for us, Jerry loves to drive, so his job as a roll-off driver comes naturally. When he is not working, you can find him at car shows with his classic cars and driving around town with his family. Jerry also has his own podcast/Youtube channel that he and his friend utilize to offer words of advice and inspiration from their own experiences as Christians and as humans. Be sure to check that out here!

Congratulations on this new milestone, Jerry!
We look forward to all the opportunities this will bring to the J Bar staff and our community members seeking guidance.

Savanna Gregg