More Than Just a Business – J Bar’s Core Values

When a company in the portable sanitation industry comes to mind, the basic idea of portable toilets on job sites is probably the main picture that is conjured up. 

While J Bar does provide these services and others to our customers, there are many different working parts to the organization that shine a meaningful light on the company and its employees, that someone on the outside may not realize. 

Not to worry, we are here to share what means the most to us! 

Our team at J Bar Enterprises makes it a priority to perform our work with a set of core values in mind, to uphold our reputation and ensure the growth of our employees and, in turn, our company. From the beginning, it has been important for every employee to adhere to the following values:

Excellence in the Ordinary – we are faithful in the little things

Servanthood – There is nobody we are too good to serve

Honest Communication – we broadcast information to team members with integrity

Overcomer – we find solutions, not excuses

Family – we balance family and working hard

Self-Employed Mentality – this is not just a J-O-B. We all act like we own this business.

How the Team Exemplifies J Bar’s Core Values

Excellence in the Ordinary – each J Bar employee has a set of tasks that they perform to help the company as a whole. Customer service representatives answer phone calls and take orders from customers; dispatch routes the deliveries and services; the restroom and roll off drivers deliver products and service them; and the managers behind the operations ensure seamless, smooth processes to improve the company’s efficiency and productivity.

We could all do the bare minimum: come into work, do what is expected of us, and go home. But everyone at J Bar, with the success of the company and our customer’s satisfaction in mind, goes above and beyond their expectations. 

Restroom service technicians spend a little extra time making sure the unit they are servicing is up to not only our standards but the customers; customer service representatives will take a few spare moments to crack a joke or have a conversation with the individuals on the other side of the phone; roll-off drivers pay mind to the workers on-site at a dumpster delivery do their best to place the dumpster where the customer wishes, allowing them to perform their jobs without any fuss efficiently. 

Servanthood – J Bar works to serve a variety of customers: from contractors building homes or commercial buildings to event holders hosting annual festivals to homeowners in need of services at their own homes. There is genuinely no one we are too good to serve. We take this value to heart, recognizing the individuals with one-time orders and the bigger companies continuing services as equally important customers. 

Everyone we serve plays a part in the success and growth of our company, and we are grateful for each of the customers we have business with. 

Some individuals require a sanitary restroom at their home due to a loss of plumbing facilities; others need a roll-off dumpster to clean out a house they inherited after the death of a loved one. We are happy to be servants to those who need it.

Honest Communication: We all strive to be honest about our processes when communicating with each other in the office and with the customers on the phone. Transparency is essential when fostering relationships with one another because it creates a foundation of trust, which leads to continued services with our customers and camaraderie among our team members, leading to a positive work environment all around! 

Communicating honestly and genuinely also allows us to problem solve as a team. When someone encounters a problem during the workday, such as a service not being performed per the procedure or an order is entered incorrectly, we are encouraged to take responsibility for the action and remedy it. This leads to our next core value, Overcomer.

Overcomer – just as stated above, we find solutions to problems instead of making excuses. If a mistake is made, the one who made it is encouraged to own up to it and solve the issue. 

If it affects the company significantly, we meet as a team, discuss possible solutions, and develop a game plan to rectify the situation, following up as needed. 

Owning up to your mistakes is a big part of becoming successful. When we all work together to improve ourselves, it positively impacts the team as a whole.

Family – This core value is seen from different perspectives throughout the company. Still, all boils down to its description: we balance family and working hard. We are a family at J Bar. We love and respect each other, encourage each other to succeed, and find ways to strengthen our relationships. One of the ways our relationship with the company stays stable is that our own families at home play an essential role. 

We are eager to celebrate happy times with our employees’ families and willing to grieve through the sad times together; each employee’s family is important to us and we understand that things come up where individuals will need time off to handle family matters or to just spend some quality time with their loved ones. 

These situations are handled with grace and patience because we all know how important family is to someone. Knowing that your family is respected makes the job a little easier because we are confident that they are always appreciated and considered.

Self-Employed Mentality – If you work at J Bar, you know that this job isn’t designed just to be work, go home, get paid kind of job. 

We all play an important role in the company’s progress, advocating for the company and our customers at the same time. To have a self-employed mentality means that you focus just a little more attention and effort on the job because it is important to you, and you treat J Bar as your own company. 

Owners David and Tanis Jamar put a lot of trust in their employees because they know that they will each carry the company on their shoulders and reach their goals while creating a plan to reach new goals. Each individual wants to be a part of the company’s success. 

Our core values are exemplified daily by the J Bar team, and the individuals who make up the team and the company itself are better for it. For information about how we reward employees each week, check out our article about the JJ the Jackalope award! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we post our Employees of the Month, thanking each individual for their work for the company and our customers.

Savanna Gregg