Jazzing it Up with JJ the Jackalope

The J Bar family works to complete our daily tasks and provide the best services for our customers by adhering to the company’s core values at all times. J Bar’s core values are meaningful phrases that all employees work to honor during their day to continue to set the bar in the sanitation industry and our community. J Bar’s core values, posted inside the building for inspiration, are:

Excellence in the Ordinary – we are faithful in the little things

Servanthood – there is nobody we are too good to serve

Honest Communication – We broadcast information to team members with integrity

Overcomer – we find solutions, not excuses

Family – we balance family and working hard

Self-Employed Mentality – this is not a J-O-B. We all act like we own this business.”

The best part about making sure we are exemplifying these core values is that we don’t have to do it alone. One fun way the leadership at J Bar has decided to award these employees is by honoring them with the presence of JJ the Jackalope.

JJ comes around every week to congratulate an employee on their hard work and contribution to the company and spends the following week with this employee, going on adventures with drivers, answering phones with customer service representatives, and assisting the mechanics in the maintenance of our fleet. This employee then has to send pictures of their adventures to the group, showing all the different spots JJ has made an appearance.

The next week, during the weekly team meeting, JJ is passed down to the next recipient – someone the other person has noticed going above and beyond to get their job done and provide the best service to their customers and company. This person will have a designated front-row parking spot especially for them and JJ along with their photo posted inside the conference room for the rest of the team to see.

This little bit of recognition is a simple way to show the team that their hard work is noticed and appreciated, and each week the passing of JJ to another team member is something looked forward to by the group.

Savanna Gregg