JJ the Jackalope welcomes a new reward process

JJ the Jackalope has been J Bar’s mascot since 2020, when he was welcomed to the team as a representative of our core values:

Servanthood – There is nobody we are too good to serve 

Honest Communication – We broadcast information to team members with integrity

Self-Employed Mentality – This is not a J-O-B. We all act like we own this business

Excellence in the Ordinary – We have faith in the little things 

Family – We balance family and working hard 

Overcomer – We find solutions, not excuses

Since he was introduced to the team, JJ has been awarded to someone each week in recognition of their work to exemplify the company’s core values each day. Sometimes a certain good deed earns them the prize, and for others, it is in response to their general positive attitude and willingness to help others. 

To add to the coveted front row parking spot designated for JJ recipients only, another part of the JJ award has been added to the mix. Each week, all supervisors are required to submit a nomination for someone who stands out to them as a great example of our core values, and the following Monday, the leadership team votes for the winner. This winner is announced at the Tuesday morning meeting, given the JJ mascot, front row parking, and a gift or gift card valued at $100. 

Each week, the next week’s prize is announced to the crew in an effort to encourage them to find one or more ways to exemplify a core value in their daily tasks, or in a spontaneous act of kindness to help another community member, or another member of our team.

Employees are encouraged to submit pictures of their adventures with JJ on their routes, around the office, and at home on the weekends and we are always entertained by those submissions! To bump up the level of fun with this tradition, people are now encouraged to submit videos as well. We can’t wait to see the creativity that shows through that new part of the tradition!

At J Bar, part of our vision is to be a “People-Building company, transforming our people, their families, and our communities.” A big component of that part of our vision is encouraging our crew to do well, rewarding hard work, and hoping that the company’s vision of transforming our people and communities transfers to our whole staff. 

Even if the reward may seem small to some, the thought that the recipient each week is now determined by a majority vote of those who witness their positive impact on the company, is motivating enough. The new process has already opened eyes to the good of our team, even when it is most subtle.
To keep up with other JJ recipients, find them on the Setting the Bar tab on our website. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media and Blog for more JJ the Jackalope content, as everyone gets amped up to be more creative with their JJ Winner Status! 

Savanna Gregg