Portable Restrooms, Luxury Trailers, and handwash stations

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When you are working on squaring away details of your event or gearing up for the construction of your next project, at one point, you have to consider providing one or more restrooms for those on-site.

While we are happy to provide sanitary restrooms for a variety of events and job sites, we want you to remember the importance of having an added source of sanitation for your guests’ and employees’ health and safety. 

J Bar offers different options to make sure that part of your planning is taken care of, in the form of handwashing stations, hand sanitizer stations, and other equipment. 

Standalone hand wash and hand sanitizer stations

Our hand wash and hand sanitizer stations are perfect for your rental. The hand sanitizer stations come with two dispensers and are easily moved if needed (though please let us know where they are relocated if you rent them monthly!) and serviced by our drivers to ensure you have sanitizer stocked when you need it.

No need for a water hookup on-site for the hand wash stations – these double-sided stations come equipped with fresh and greywater tanks that are refilled and emptied on our drivers’ weekly routes. The hand soap and paper towel dispensers are also maintained by our drivers, ensuring you have everything you need to have clean hands and get on with your day. 

If you rent handwash stations and restrooms for an event, we recommend one hand wash/hand sanitizer station per every five restrooms. If these restrooms are placed at different venue locations, that may vary. For many events, a site check is performed by our special event coordinator to assess your and your guests’ needs, and recommendations for location and number of units will be offered. 

Elite Sanitary Restroom 

Our Elite sanitary restrooms offer a convenient addition of handwashing capabilities to your rental. This unit comes equipped with a full hand wash station mounted inside – complete with fresh and grey water tanks, a hands-free foot pump, hand soap, and paper towel dispensers. 

If you are in a situation where separate handwash stations are not necessary, and you are looking for something easily accessible for someone visiting the restroom, this is the way to go! We offer our Elite restrooms at a discounted rate, compared to renting a hand wash station in addition to a restroom. These are available for both construction sites and special events!

Luxury Restroom Trailers 

J Bar now has six luxury restroom trailers for you to choose from when planning your wedding, festival, gala, or rodeo banquet (the event possibilities are endless!). Each luxury trailer is unique in its own way, has a different number of stations, and offers a comfortable and elegant escape for your guests. We even have a few long-term construction sites that have had luxury restroom trailers on-site, so if you are not looking for something for an event, we can make it work for your specific project as well!

These luxury restroom trailers come clean and tidy, with running water and flushing toilets for an upscale restroom experience. While the luxury trailers do need water and electrical hookup, if you do not have that ability, we can provide water (and generators if you need power as well). To further provide a clean area for you and your guests, an attendant can be sent to sanitize the restroom during your event for an additional cost. We want you to be satisfied with your experience and have no regrets about your choice of restrooms for your guests.

Things to keep in mind about the need for sanitary conditions at your event/construction site – 

Germs spread fast

We have lately been reminded of the importance of staying sanitized and slowing the spread of germs after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US and ultimately us in Central Texas. Covid and other viruses spread so easily, and having access to sanitary restrooms and the ability to wash our hands is very important when trying to combat illness.

OSHA requirements at construction sites

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has posted guidelines regarding sanitation on construction sites. Sites with more than 11 employees should have adequate hand washing facilities available to them. Click here for more information.

Sticky hands! 

No matter what parents do to try and avoid it, kids always end up with sticky hands after running around festivals and other community events (who can resist the snow cones and cotton candy?). Provide hand washing stations throughout the venue for the benefit of parents!

Will food and drink be provided at your event? 

To go along with the last point, having food and drink vendors at your concert or festival creates a need for clean hands. Hand wash or hand sanitizer stations are a great option to combat germs and let guests enjoy their meals without the fear of getting sick. 

Planning a big event? 

A hand wash and hand sanitizer station at different locations around your venue is a good idea. You might want to consider placing a station or two at the entrance and exit of your event so the day can begin and end on a good, sanitary note! 

As mentioned before, our special event coordinator will happily perform a site check to ensure we provide adequate restrooms, handwashing stations, and services to keep everyone healthy and safe.


For more information about the special event services, check out the Special Events tab on our website! 

At J Bar, our goal is to provide immaculately clean, sanitary restrooms and services to keep you, your employees, guests, and loved ones safe and healthy. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 830-598-JBAR for more information.