Hand Sanitizer Station for Your Event

8 Reasons to Invest in a Hand Sanitizer Station for Your Event

Germs are everywhere. In fact, 80% of contagious diseases are transmitted by touch.

Avoiding exposure to bacteria and viruses from the grocery store to the gas station to public restrooms seems impossible. This is especially true at large events where hundreds or thousands of people gather nearby.

Event planners strive to provide clean and sanitary environments, but germs can still spread. Hand sanitizer stations offer an extra layer of protection against illness. Keep reading to learn seven compelling reasons why your next event needs a hand sanitizer station.

1. Hand Sanitizer Kills Germs on Contact

Hand sanitizers are very efficient at eliminating germs. Most contain at least 60% alcohol, which destroys bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. When used right, hand sanitization can reduce microbes on hands by up to 99%. It’s a powerful defense against contagious illnesses like the flu or common cold.

Unlike soap and water, they continue working even after drying their hands. Place hand sanitizer stations in high-traffic areas so guests can clean their hands often. This can significantly decrease the risk of germs spreading among attendees.

2. Adds a Professional, Caring Touch

Investing in hand sanitation is not only about maintaining cleanliness. It’s also about conveying a professional, caring image. A hand sanitizer station can be integral to your event strategy, demonstrating professionalism and empathy.

Providing hand sanitizer sends a powerful message of care and concern for your guests’ well-being. It shows that you’ve made extra efforts for health and safety, improving their experience.

Hand sanitizer stations also add a polished, professional touch to your event. They serve as visual reminders that you take health precautions seriously.

But it’s not all about usefulness. Style matters, too.

Opt for well-stocked, aesthetically pleasing sanitizer stands that align with your event’s branding and decor. This attention to detail can elevate the ambiance and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

3. Convenience Encourages Use

Let’s be honest. Not everyone remembers (or wants) to wash their hands as often as they should. But the sheer convenience of hand sanitizer makes it easier for guests to clean their hands.

Place hand sanitizer stations in strategic places to ensure the most usage. They can be set up at entrances, exits, food areas, or high-traffic spots. Attendees may be reluctant to go out of their way to find soap and water, but a quick squirt of hand sanitizer requires minimal effort.

4. Less Risk of Illness and Absenteeism

One sick attendee can quickly multiply into an outbreak. Yet consistent hand hygiene significantly reduces illness transmission. By providing hand sanitizer stations at your event, you’ll decrease the risk of attendees getting sick and spreading it to others.

Provide your guests with the tools they need to stay healthy. Hand sanitizer stations minimize the spread of germs, lowering the risk of large-scale sickness. Stop contagions in their tracks and avoid losing event staff to illness.

These stations can also help avoid losing event staff to illness. Your team is the backbone of your event- their health is paramount for smooth operations. With hand sanitizer stations, you can reduce the likelihood of illness-induced staff shortages.

5. Added Protection Between Hand Washings

Vigilant hand washing with soap and water is an excellent way to remove germs. However, it’s easy for hands to become recontaminated soon after.

If your event has a high-touch environment, using hand sanitizer can offer added protection when you can’t wash your hands. This is especially important for events with children, who may not always have access to soap and water.

Hand sanitizer stations allow people to sanitize their hands many times between washings. This helps lower germ counts throughout the day. While proper hand washing should still be encouraged, hand sanitizers provide backup protection.

6. Kid-Friendly Access

Getting children to wash their hands thoroughly can be challenging.

However, kids love using hand sanitizer! Fun shapes, sizes, fragrances, and dispenser designs make sanitizing hands an engaging, interactive experience. This is especially helpful for events with a kid-friendly focus, such as birthday parties or school events.

Children also don’t need to be lifted to reach sink faucets. Place stations at kids’ height so they can clean their hands on their own. Make sanitary practices easier!

7. Peace of Mind for Health-Conscious Guests

Sanitation is critical for immune-compromised guests battling immune-related conditions or taking immunosuppressant medications. These individuals can be more susceptible to infections due to weakened immune systems, making them particularly vulnerable in public spaces where germs and bacteria are more prevalent.

In this context, hand sanitizer stations become not just a convenience but a necessity. Including these stations at your event provides an essential line of defense against the spreading of harmful germs and bacteria. Attendees can easily sanitize their hands whenever needed, reducing potential infection risk.

8. Easy to Install and Budget-Friendly

Adding hand sanitizer stations to your event is a simple, cost-effective solution for promoting hygiene. One of the key advantages of these stations is their simplicity. They are easy to install and require minimal setup time. Regardless of your venue’s size or layout, you can position them in strategic locations for maximum accessibility.

Hand sanitizer stations are also a cost-effective solution for promoting hygiene at events. Compared to costly options like hiring extra cleaners or giving out hand wipes, hand sanitizer stations are a more affordable choice for sanitation. Buying hand sanitizers in bulk can make them an affordable option for any event budget.

These Are the Reasons to Consider a Hand Sanitizer Station

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Conveniently located hand sanitizer dispensers make hand hygiene easy and accessible for all guests. They convey an atmosphere of care while lowering the risk of contagion at big events.

So why not take this simple step to ensure a healthy and successful event? For professional, protective, and practical sanitation, equip your next event with hand sanitizer stations.

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Savanna Gregg