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What to Consider When Renting Luxury Portable Restrooms

Did you know the average person goes to the bathroom around seven times a day?

So, if you’re planning a special event somewhere with inadequate bathroom facilities, consider a luxury restroom rental.

Arranging a great event means selecting the right venue, hiring a reputable catering company, having enough staff, and renting portable toilets. Your VIP guests will, after all, naturally need to make trips to the loo.

Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of getting a trailer bathroom.

Consider How Many You Need

When mulling over porta potty rental options, figure out how many you need for your luxury VIP extravaganza. The last thing you want is a long lineup of well-dressed people waiting to use the washroom facilities.

Figure out how many VIP guests are expected at your event. Doing so will help you select the right number of luxury toilets.

You also must factor into the equation the duration of the event. One rule of thumb suggests getting at least two porta potty units for every 100 guests at a four-hour event.

If in doubt, book more portable porta potties to avoid disappointment. The service provider you hire will help you determine how many luxury portable toilets you should have on location for the occasion.

Consider Where You Need the Luxury Restrooms

While knowing how many portable toilets you need for the VIP event is vital, you must also consider where these units should be placed.

Proper placement will depend on factors like the size of the event location, how many people will be attending, and the duration of the event. Remember that the service provider can help with placement so everything flows smoothly.

The service provider will ensure that placement doesn’t negatively impact the flow of foot traffic or require guests to travel too far to use the restroom.

Consider the Available Amenities

You’ll also want to consider amenities offered with a luxury restroom trailer rental. The units should be equipped with handwashing stations, running water, and paper towels to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.

Features like climate control are also key. That’s especially the case if the event is held during a time of year when it’s particularly warm or cool outdoors.

You’ll want your VIP guests to feel comfortable — and they will be in a luxury restroom trailer.

Consider How Long You’ll Need the Luxury Restrooms

Another consideration is how long you’ll need to rent a luxury restroom trailer. If you’ll need it for a week or a month, you’ll want to find a service provider that can accommodate you and offer you a competitive rate.

You’ll also want to ensure that the service provider offers options for servicing and maintaining the luxury restroom trailer for the period you’ll rent it. No one, after all, wants a porta potty that’s backed up.

Consider the Types of Portable Toilets Offered

It’s also a good idea to look at the types of luxury portable toilets available for your VIP event. You’ll want to ensure that the trailers are spacious, well-lit, have flushing toilets, and have sinks with running water, for instance.

You don’t want the onsite restroom experience to detract from the quality of the event. Getting a luxury restroom trailer will give your guests the facilities they need at the event.

Accessibility is also essential. Some of your guests might have mobility challenges. You don’t want a situation where they can’t use the facilities due to mobility concerns, so find luxury portable toilets that are accessible.

Before signing on the dotted line to book a porta potty trailer, discuss what you need with a service provider. You can check out the units for yourself to verify that the one you rent is the right luxury restroom trailer for your guests.

Consider the Available Space on the Property

How much space do you have available on the property? You might not have much space on the grounds for a large trailer or for more than one.

Ensure you canvas the event location ahead of time to decide how to get the right porta potties.

Once you figure out the particulars, you can get luxury restroom facilities that are a good fit based on the space available and the guest list.

Consider the Reputation of Service Provider

You’ll want to look at the reputation of the provider of luxury restroom trailers. If you know someone who has rented a luxury restroom trailer before, ask them who they hired and whether they would recommend the service provider.

One of the best ways to know how a service provider will treat you is to consider how they’ve treated other customers.

So, pick the brains of anyone you know who has rented porta potties for events. You’ll want to get feedback on their experiences, the cleanliness of the trailers, the amenities and features, and other essential things.

Consider Online Reviews

Check out online reviews to see what previous customers have to say about providers of luxury restroom trailers. You can learn about service providers worth patronizing and about those you should steer clear of.

Getting feedback from people you know is a good idea, but reading reviews from people you don’t know can also offer you helpful information. You might be surprised at what you uncover by checking out some reviews online.

Don’t put all your faith in reviews since that can skew your perception, but considering online reviews can be part of a strategy to find the right service provider. Doing so can help give you ideas on things to consider.

Get the Right Trailer Bathroom for Your Event

If you’re planning a VIP event, you need the right restroom facilities. That might require renting a luxury restroom trailer offering the amenities your VIP guests expect and deserve.

When you need a trailer bathroom for your event or function, get in touch. We’ll explain available options and services available for your extravaganza.

We’re here to help you put on the best function possible — and that means offering quality restroom facilities. Let us know how we can help make your event a great one.

Savanna Gregg