Which Luxury Trailer Should I Rent for My Event?

Colder weather doesn’t stop the community events from happening, and J Bar is ready to provide a luxury restroom trailer for any type of event you might find yourself hosting.
Different sizes, capacities, and decor styles mean a variety of uses for different groups of people and a growing variety of events.
The Fredericksburg is perfect for:
Elegant, large weddings where the bridal party and guests desire a restroom experience that matches the luxury of the event venue; a rodeo with a few hundred VIP guests who prefer a more upscale restroom.
A few of Fredericksburg’s features:
  • J Bar’s largest luxury restroom trailer with 4-stations (toilet and urinal on the men’s side and two stalls on the women’s side)
  • Luxurious decor fit for any elegant event
  • Stainless steel lighting, hardwood chocolate cabinets, wood plank flooring, and other features that draw the eye of men and women using the trailer
The Fredericksburg embodies the term “luxury restroom trailer” with its features and is excellent for those who need a little extra elegance for their restroom experience.
The Napa is perfect for:
Your company Christmas party – you’ve got enough employees to the point that you need additional restroom options or are hosting a wine tasting event at your vineyard and expect 150-200 people in attendance throughout the day.
A few features that set the Napa apart:
  • 3-station trailer (toilet and urinal on the men’s side, and a toilet on the women’s side)
  • Hardwood chocolate cabinets like the Fredericksburg, but in a smaller setting.
  • Inviting artwork donning the walls of the trailer to be enjoyed by those using it
The Stonewall is a great addition for a private gala with a limited guest list, raising funds for a local charity with sale of local handmade goods, or a festive tailgate party in a parking lot without a regular restroom. The Stonewall is the most popular 3-station trailer on the et for these and many other events.
Some of the Stonewall’s Features:
  • Cream-colored walls, white cabinets, and trim
  • Dark wood grain rolled flooring
  • Fun, colorful artwork along the interior walls
The Sonoma is welcomed at special events like small weddings, graduation parties, golf tournaments, or other small events that still require a little extra comfort and elegance for guests’ restroom experience. The Sonoma’s compact features still offer a break from the elements and a clean, quiet area for restroom breaks.
Some of the Sonoma’s Features:
  • Gobi black solid surface countertops and beveled mirrors
  • Fiberglass walls, jet black/gray flooring
  • “Occupied” indicators and deadbolts on each private station
Each of our luxury restroom trailers is perfect for any event. The list of possible events continues to grow as we find new ways to bring fun to our communities. We are happy to help you figure out the best option for you during the planning process!
For more information about our luxury restroom trailers and to stay up to date on upcoming news, be sure to check out the Luxury Restroom Trailers tab on our website, and follow us on Facebook  and Instagram!

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