Tips about RV and Holding Tank services

Along with our sanitary restroom and roll-off dumpster services geared towards construction and special events, J Bar offers a handful of residential services for residents living in RVs and companies working out of office trailers.

We are here to help you receive top-notch portable sanitation services. Still, we also need your help in ensuring the best experience possible. A few things should be noted for those receiving RV and holding tank services, so we’ve put them together to check out if you are one of those customers.

Ensure accessibility for J Bar service trucks

Your RV should be no more than 20 feet from an improved pathway. Per policy, J Bar service technicians are not permitted to travel more than 20 feet from an improved path in the event of inclement weather. Our heavy trucks can easily get stuck when the weather is particularly wet, causing damage to your property and our vehicles!

Be sure your RV is not blocked on your scheduled service day.

Please ensure no vehicles or equipment are blocking your RV or holding tank around or on your regular service day. If our driver cannot reach your unit, they will call you to try and have the obstacle removed. If they cannot reach you after a few attempts, they are instructed to move along to the next service address. This will result in an extra service charge if you require an additional service before your next scheduled day to cover the cost of returning to your site off route.

We don’t perform repairs.

Our RV services are for the sole purpose of emptying the black and gray tanks on your trailer. We are unable to perform repairs, as we are just there to remove the waste. Please call your local RV repair company if you have issues with the tank (or gauges, as these are sometimes troublesome). Then, we will be happy to come and empty the tanks when you need the service done.

Holding Tank capacity is 300 gallons.

If you wonder how much space our 300-gallon holding tanks take up, they are 8 feet long, 4 ½ feet wide, and 16 inches high. Most RVs’ gray and black water tanks are about 40 gallons each, so if you have multiple people using the unit or find yourself residing full-time in an RV and using water frequently, a weekly service on an RV or the addition of a holding tank might be necessary. If you have your holding tank, we will service that too!

We provide different frequencies of service.

We offer weekly, twice monthly, monthly, or on-call services for your RV. The on-call and regular servicing listed above are available if you own your holding tank. We offer weekly, twice monthly, or monthly services if you rent a holding tank from J bar. On-call holding tank services are not offered for holding tanks on rent because the time between services may be long enough to cause the waste in the tank to harden, risking the integrity of our equipment.

Prices of RV and holding tank services vary per location, so give us a call today at 830.598.5227, and our customer service representatives will be happy to give you a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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