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How a Luxury Restroom Trailer Can Transform Your Event

We humans are incredibly irrational, yet incredibly predictable creatures. Society experienced immense economic uncertainty during the pandemic. Despite this, folks kept on buying luxury goods at a scale never seen before.

Even if someone can’t have Cartier or Dior, they’ll splurge on brand-name toothpaste and socks. Luxury isn’t always about the big things, it’s about the little details, too. For this reason, seeing a regular porta-potty at your upscale event could very well put people off.

You need a luxury restroom trailer for your VIP event. Luxury toilets are one of those small details that make a huge difference.

Let’s discuss how luxury restrooms can transform your event for the better.

A Luxury Restroom Trailer Has Climate Control

Think of the last time you used an outdoor porta-potty. Stepping inside, you often find yourself in a muggy, uncomfortably small box.

At best, there are a couple of vents at the top to move the air. This forces you to sit with all the smells from previous occupants.

But what if it’s nippy out? Then the potty goes from stuffy to freezing. Neither experience-steaming or sub-zero-is one a valued guest looks forward to.

If truth be told, it feels like using an outhouse. A place you scuttle out to, quickly, to deal with your body’s needs. That’s not conducive to the atmosphere of a VIP event.

Keeping Guests Cool (or Warm)

Plain and simple, luxury restrooms have climate control. If it’s hot out, the restroom is a nice and cool escape. If it’s freezing, people need not worry about shivering, half-naked, as they handle their business.

Luxury toilets create an extension of the ambiance around them. One of comfort-particularly, temperature.

People tend to be notoriously picky about temperature. Catering to that seemingly-small whim means something.

Again, it’s a small detail that goes a long way. A temperature-controlled toilet allows someone to answer nature’s call comfortably and get back to the event.

They’ll probably be able to enjoy the goings-on more, too. Whatever the event is about, you want it to be a night to remember.

They Offer Much More Space

After the temperature and smell, the next thing you notice in a porta-potty is the space. It’s cramped, even for someone on the smaller side.

The average porta-potty measures 45″ x 45″. It’s great if compactness is the goal, but not comfort. For most folks, it feels like a prison cell or an Iron Maiden.

Many people suffer from claustrophobia. If they don’t, the sensation of being cooped up is still unpleasant. There’s a certain anxiety it creates, knowing you can’t even stretch your arms.

To add insult to injury, the toilet seat is often tiny. You feel like you’re sitting on a precipice that you might fall into.

Having a good sense of space is critical to a VIP event. It creates scale with your decor and the proper acoustics for music and entertainment. A bathroom should mimic that feeling of openness-and a porta-potty does not.

Plenty of Room for All Occupants

There is plenty of room in a luxury restroom trailer. Enough that they might forget it’s a portable restroom in the first place.

More room gives them more space to move around. More space to breathe. Consequently, none of that claustrophobia or anxiety that small spaces induce.

Importantly, there are full-size toilets inside. Actual porcelain, too. The sort you would expect in any decent bathroom.

In fact, there are several configurations and sizes of trailers to choose from. Prior to the event, you can walk around in it yourself. Get a feel for what you would prefer and then plan accordingly.

They Provide Increased Privacy

There’s another critical element lacking in porta potties: privacy. Porta potties use thin polyurethane plastic. A disconcertingly thin barrier between you and the outside world.

Plus, those vents allow sound to escape. All the noises we hate to hear-or make-are audible. There’s nothing more embarrassing than stepping out to face the next person in line after some stomach troubles.

Bathroom business aside, many people use the restroom as a brief escape while powdering their noses. It’s a welcome reprieve for introverts or those who just need a breather. They can get away from the crowd for a second, then be ready to face people again.

Needless to say, introverts don’t get that experience in the average porta-potty. On the contrary, the small space and people waiting outside increase the pressure to leave.

Optimal Privacy

Once again, luxury portable toilets are everything a porta-potty is not. The walls and doors are thick. The space feels truly isolated, as are the sounds.

That escape from people is possible here. There is room to stand up and even move around a bit. There’s a mirror and normal sink to freshen up with-something most porta-potties lack.

Long story short, it’s the powder room your guests need.

They Have Actual Lighting

Temperature, space, and privacy aren’t the end of the issue. There’s one final thing many don’t consider: the lighting.

When you think of a VIP event, you imagine an evening soirée-and the lighting that accompanies it. Unfortunately, a porta-potty typically does not have any built-in lighting. If it does, then it’s certainly not adequate for distinguished guests.

So to add to all the issues from before, now you have to fumble around in the dark. That’s not the image of a wedding or corporate meet-and-greet.

Brilliant White Lighting

Luxury restroom trailers have bright, white LED lighting. This is the sort of lighting that creates a sense of cleanliness-and even luxury.

The lighting exemplifies the high-quality materials of the trailer. Premium sinks, countertops, and decorations shine. It no longer feels like a dark, hidden-away box.

Once again, the trailer is an extension of your event. People don’t experience a disconnect when moving from a VIP space into a porta-potty. Instead, there is a sense of balance with everything around it.

Find a Luxury Restroom Trailer for Your Event

A luxury restroom trailer is a necessity for any VIP event, whether a charity dinner or a school reunion. It transforms your gathering, rather than taking away from it. Comfortable temperatures, good lighting, ample space, and actual privacy build on the atmosphere you want to create.

J Bar provides the luxury restroom trailers you need-and much more. Reach out to us and we’ll figure out the perfect solution for your get-together.

7 Tips for Making the Best of a Luxury Bathroom Rental

Are you thinking about investing in a luxury bathroom rental for a wedding or another special event? This luxury porta-potty will be so much fancier than an ordinary porta-potty.

But before you simply pick out the first luxury portable bathroom that you can find and reserve it for your event, you should make sure you’ll be able to make the most of it. Not every fancy porta-potty will check all the right boxes.

We’ve created a list of seven tips that’ll help you use a luxury bathroom trailer to its full potential. Take a look at them below and keep them in mind while shopping around for luxury porta-potties.

1. Search for a Reliable Luxury Bathroom Rental Company

When you need to rent luxury portable restrooms for any event, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down companies that can provide them. There are about 3,000 of these companies scattered all across the country.

Google “luxury bathroom rentals near me” to see which companies exist in your area. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a company like J Bar that has a large selection of luxury porta-potties available for rent.

The company you choose should have plenty of experience within the industry. They should also have a solid reputation among event planners who have worked with them in the past.

2. Look at Different Types of Luxury Portable Restrooms

As we just alluded to, a company like J Bar is going to have lots of luxury portable restrooms for you to choose from. With this in mind, you’ll want to do your homework on each one so that you’re able to see which options might work best.

A few of your best options will include:

  • The Magnolia, which is the largest option of all
  • The Colorado, which is as upscale as it gets
  • The Fredericksburg, which has tons of higher-end tech features
  • The Lone Star, which is on the smaller side but luxurious
  • The Bluebonnet, which is another smaller option that’s jampacked with great features
  • The Driftwood, which is relatively basic but still very functional and classy
  • The Wildflower, which is one of the newest options to hit the et

Each of these luxury portable restrooms will bring something different to the table. It’ll be up to you to select the luxury bathroom rental that has all the features you’ll want and need.

3. Choose the Right Size Luxury Bathroom Trailer

As you look around at different luxury bathroom trailers, you should gauge how big you’ll need it to be based on how many guests will be at your event. There are some luxury porta-potties that’ll be better for large crowds than others.

The Magnolia, for example, can accommodate up to 550 people over the course of anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. It’ll have plenty of space for people inside since it’s so big.

The Driftwood, on the other hand, is only going to work well for an event with about 150 people at it over the course of 8 hours. It doesn’t have as much space as many of the other luxury bathroom rental options.

4. Pay the Right Price for a Luxury Porta-Potty

You will hopefully be operating with a budget in mind when you’re on the hunt for a luxury bathroom rental. You should use this budget to determine which direction you’d like to go in when you’re choosing which luxury porta-potties to rent.

You don’t necessarily want to just rent the cheapest luxury bathroom rental you can find. It might not be equipped with everything you’ll need to make the most of it.

But you also don’t want to get stuck renting a luxury bathroom rental that’s well outside of your preferred price range. It could put you in a position where you’ll have to cut corners in other areas while planning your event.

5. Figure Out the Best Place to Put a Luxury Bathroom Rental

No matter which luxury bathroom rental you choose to go with in the end, picking out the right spot to put it will be of the utmost importance.

You don’t want to stick a luxury bathroom trailer right out front at your event where it’ll serve as an eyesore. You also don’t want to tuck it too far off the beaten path and have people struggle to find it.

You should try to look for a place to put it where it’ll be out of the way but also easy to find for those who need to use it.

6. Decorate a Luxury Bathroom Trailer Accordingly

Most luxury bathroom rentals are going to look nice and well-maintained. They’ll be large, white boxes that will be aesthetically pleasing even if you don’t do anything to decorate them.

But it would be a great idea to hang some decorations on a luxury bathroom rental to improve its appearance. It’ll blend right in when you look at it as a blank slate when it shows up and decorate it to the best of your ability.

You might also want to go as far as to decorate the inside of a luxury bathroom trailer. It’ll give it a more upscale look and feel and impress those who use it.

7. Encourage People to Keep a Luxury Bathroom Rental Clean

A luxury bathroom rental is obviously going to be a bathroom at heart. There will be no getting around having it get at least a little messy while your guests are using it.

But you should encourage those at your event to work to keep it clean. You can do this by putting out trash cans for them to use and hanging signs that request that people clean up after themselves.

It’s one more thing you can do to make sure you’re making the most of a luxury bathroom rental at all times.

Reach Out to Us for Great Luxury Porta-Potty Options

If you’re in the process of planning an event and looking for luxury bathroom rental options for it, J Bar has you covered. We carry all the different luxury porta-potties that we mentioned earlier.

We can also provide you with luxury portable restrooms that will fit into the budget for your event. Get in touch with us today to reserve the luxury bathroom rentals you need.

Luxury Restroom Trailer

A Guide to Choosing Luxury Restroom Trailers for Your Special Event

With 81% of Americans traveling during the summer months, it’s clear that people prioritize spending time outdoors. And if you’re planning an outdoor event that will attract a crowd, you’ll need to be prepared. That means investing in the right venue and the right restrooms to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Read on to find a guide to choosing luxury restroom trailers for your special event!


Consider the Nature of Your Event

Are you hosting a formal affair or a laid back summer event? The type of event can inform the type of portable bathroom you need. After all, informal music festivals won’t require the same level of luxury as anniversary parties or weddings.

Additionally, factor in the length of the event. Longer events, like music festivals or art fairs, may need more bathroom stalls with fewer frills. But shorter events with more select invitees make luxury trailers a good choice.

In general, you will want at least one portable toilet to accommodate 50 guests. But if you are hosting a fancier outdoor wedding, you may want to increase the restroom availability.

For instance, you could rent four standard portable toilets plus two luxury restroom trailers. The trailers could be reserved for the wedding party and family. The remaining toilets could accommodate other guests.

For fancier events, guests may appreciate well-lit bathroom stalls where they can touch up makeup or change clothes. Weddings, in particular, are a perfect match for luxury trailers.

Also, you could have individuals in wheelchairs or elderly guests in attendance. They will appreciate having ramp access to the unit, and chairs within the trailer’s interior. Look at your guest list to help determine how many bathroom trailers would be appropriate.

Know What Amenities You Want

You have options when it comes to portable restroom trailers. Some are fancier than others. But all quality portable toilets should offer secure doors and ventilation.

With luxury restroom trailers, however, you get an elevated bathroom experience. The best luxury restroom vendors will have several levels of options. And you might be amazed by how much each unit’s features mimic some of the best traditional luxury bathrooms.

For example, you can get trailers equipped with classy backsplashes and wood plank floors for an inviting experience. Beveled handles and stainless steel fixtures can add upscale detailing, as well. And you’ll have a grand vanity with plenty of space to rest a purse or wallet.

Other common features include climate-controlled environments, spacious square footage, and large mirrors. You can trust that a luxury trailer’s doors are secured with deadbolts and the lighting is much brighter than that of a standard portable toilet.

Understand the Venue’s Guidelines

Before signing a contract and committing to a vendor, be clear on your venue’s regulations. Some places may not permit outside vendors. Or some places may have preferred vendors they want you to use or place limitations on how many toilets you can rent.

Along the same lines, check to see how many permanent bathrooms are available at your venue. There may be clusters of bathroom stalls that you can use to cut down on your rental needs. You may only need a portable toilet or two to round out the venue’s options.

In addition, be clear on where you can place portable toilets. Some venues may have designated areas. Others might be more flexible.

While you don’t want to put a portable trailer in the middle of the event, you do want it to be visible. Find a level area where your vendor can deliver it. And include enough obvious signage to direct guests toward it.

Compare Bathroom Trailer Options

As with purchasing anything, it can pay to comparison shop. Rather than going with the first vendor you investigate, investigate at least two others, as well. That way, you can make an informed choice and know the range of options.

You may even be able to leverage one offer to get a better one from a competitor. While you’re at it, ask each vendor questions to determine what services you get. This is particularly important for events that stretch over multiple days.

For instance, ask how often the trailers will be cleaned. And ask whether they can be placed or moved by the vendor. And, of course, make sure to get all of these answers in writing and check your contract to see that everything is there.

Look at Your Budget

How much money are you allocating toward rental portable toilets? When you’re accounting for your budget, make sure to leave enough room for restrooms. You may need anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more, depending on the trailer.

Once you’ve evaluated your budget and the tone you want to create, you can arrive at a suitable restroom option. At the very least, more modest trailers still will give guests flushable toilets, sinks, and better lighting. These upgrades could be valuable at family reunions or anniversary parties.

Upgrade to fancier restroom trailers for events like weddings or wine tastings. And remember that you can add your own embellishments to make any level of bathroom trailer feel more welcoming. Introduce a bouquet of flowers, some decorative pictures, or playful signage to personalize this part of your event.

Choose the Best Luxury Restroom Trailers

The best luxury restroom trailers are the ones that make your guests feel comfortable when they are at an outdoor event. Consider the scale and length of your event first. Then look for restroom options that match your event’s tone and needs.

Find the luxury restroom trailers you want for your next event. Contact us for help today!