Portable Toilet for an Outdoor Event

How to Choose a Portable Toilet for an Outdoor Event

When you’re hosting an outdoor event, you want it to go off without a hitch. The last thing you need is a situation where guests are waiting in long lines for bathrooms – or you don’t have adequately stocked bathrooms. That’s why choosing the best sanitary restrooms for your next event should be your top priority.

Read on to learn how to choose a portable toilet for an outdoor event!

Understand the Event’s Purpose

The purpose of your event is one of the primary factors that will impact the type of portable toilet you choose. For instance, you may be hosting a wedding or family reunion that attracts 100 guests. On the other hand, perhaps you are hosting a multi-day music or arts festival that attracts thousands of people.

For events where efficiency is most important, you may only need standard portable toilets. These units are appropriate for casual events, like festivals, and are modestly sized. They’ll have vents to help with fresh air circulation and hand sanitizer for guests.

For any type of event, you can opt for handwashing stations. These can sit outside a cluster of portable toilet units to encourage cleanliness.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to more deluxe units with working sinks. Functional sinks with paper towels may be the better choice for longer events.

Consider the Type of Portable Toilet

Not all portable toilets are alike. When you’re considering what to get for your event, choose a rental company with a range of options. Even better, visit the company so you can see these options firsthand.

Standard units are serviceable solutions for large events. But you may need to raise the bar for some outdoor events where guests may have higher expectations for service.

More high-end events demand luxury restrooms or a restroom trailer. Guests at fancier affairs will appreciate more spacious bathroom accommodations where they can enjoy climate-controlled environments. Especially on hot summer days, cooler bathroom stations with better amenities will be a hit.

A restroom trailer can be a nice choice when you want an enclosed space with several stalls. You can upgrade this type of unit by going with luxury restrooms. These are excellent for weddings or events where guests may need a private space to touch up hair and makeup.

Luxury trailers offer climate-controlled comfort and extra space for changing clothes. They may have larger vanities, better lighting, and decorative flourishes that feel like regular bathrooms. For guests who see your event as a vacation, it’s worth it to go above and beyond.

Factor in the Headcount

Are you hosting a family reunion with 100 guests or a multi-day event with thousands of attendees? Your event’s headcount will impact how many sanitary restrooms you’ll need to reserve. Before you start shopping for toilet rentals, determine how many people will be at your event.

As a general rule of thumb, plan on having one portable toilet available per 50 guests. Depending on the type of event, however, you may want to increase your toilet count. Doing this may cost more, but it can lead to a more successful experience.

For instance, for a fancier affair, such as a wedding or VIP event, you may want one toilet per 25 guests. In these instances, you also may want to upgrade from standard units to luxury restrooms. You’ll reduce traffic jams and give guests a more comfortable retreat for their bathroom breaks.

At events where the beverages are flowing, you can count on more people seeking restrooms. Likewise, longer events mean that there’s a better chance you’ll have guests choosing to hit the portable toilets. When in doubt, it’s always better to err on the side of having a few extra stalls.

Look at Maintenance Needs

It’s wise to consider what kind of services you will get with your portable toilets before signing a contract. For example, will the company handle delivery?

You don’t want to hire a company that puts toilets at your event without asking you where they should go. And you want to be sure that the company will come to pick up the toilets on time once the event is over.

Additionally, ensure that your toilets will be maintained during the event. Some toilets will need to be emptied and sanitized, especially at events with lots of traffic. You’ll also want to confirm they are stocked with enough toilet paper and soap.

Further, be sure that there is an accessible contact person in case something comes up. Maybe you underestimated the number of toilets needed and want to boost your supply. Or maybe the door latches get stuck.

You want to know that you can get ahold of the rental company. And you want to be confident that they can come up with a solution so your event doesn’t suffer.

Examine Your Budget

Finally, don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. You may find it worthwhile to spring for a luxury trailer when you’re hosting a fancy event. But if your budget is tight, you may want to make other plans.

Know the price points for standard units versus those with mirrors and other key upgrades. Know what an ADA-accessible unit will cost. And factor in other costs that may be less obvious, like transportation or cleaning fees.

Ask about discounts for renting a set number of toilets. You may also be able to score discounts for referring other businesses to the rental company.

Know that you can enhance the bathroom experience with some of your own efforts, as well. Decorations, air fresheners, and clear signage will help guests feel welcome regardless of how lavish the restrooms are.

Find the Right Portable Toilets for Your Outdoor Event

An outdoor event can be an exciting time for friends and family to gather in the fresh air. Be sure that everyone’s comfortable by choosing enough event restrooms and placing them in a logical space. Understand what kind of ongoing maintenance you’ll get for your investment, and choose the right type of portable toilet for your needs.

J Bar Enterprises has been providing customers with sanitary restroom solutions since 2008. We prioritize customer service and will ensure that you have what you need so your event runs smoothly. Contact us today for help!

Portable toilets

How Many Portable Toilets per Person Should You Rent?

Imagine you’re attending a festival with a thousand other attendees. You queue for the toilets only to find the event organizers needed to hire more portable toilets.

The long, long queue is getting irate, and some festival-goers choose to leave the event early in anger. This could happen to you if you don’t know how many portable toilets per person you need when planning your outdoor event.

If you don’t provide enough toilets for the number of attendees, you will run into problems. For instance, some guests may be forced to relieve themselves behind a bush.

If you want to avoid this happening at your next outdoor concert, wedding venue, or construction site, keep reading to learn how many you need to hire.

Types of Portable Toilets

Before we get into how many portable toilets to have per person, it’s wise to become familiar with the types of portable toilets you can hire. After all, different occasions will require different toilets.

Single Stall Portable Toilet

This toilet allows one user at a time. This type of toilet rental is best for smaller events or construction sites, especially if there is limited space onsite.

Double Stall Portable Toilet

This toilet rental features two separate toilets with their own entrances. This type of portable toilet is typically found on sites where gender-specific bathrooms are required, such as at a wedding or employee function.

Multiple-Stall Restroom Trailer

Multiple-stall restroom trailers can range in size and features. At J Bar, we offer clients the choice between seven luxury multiple-stall restroom trailers.

How Many Portable Toilets per Person for a Construction Site

When deciding on how many portable toilets per person for a construction site, you must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Standards. According to OSHA, you need at least a single portable toilet regardless of how many employees you have.

This is true until you reach 20 to 200 employees. When this happens, the requirement increases to one portable toilet and one portable urinal for every 40 workers.

When you have more than 200 workers onsite, you need one portable toilet and one portable urinal for every 50 employees. So, for instance, if your construction site had 250 employees, you legally have to provide five portable toilets and five portable urinals. These don’t have to be individual units; you can use a restroom trailer if it covers the minimum requirements.

How Many Portable Toilets per Person for an Event

When hosting an event like an outdoor concert or wedding, you must comply with the guidelines set out by OSHA. How many portable toilets per person for an event will depend on the duration of the event and what food and beverages you choose to offer. For instance, if your event serves alcohol, you’ll need to increase the number of portable toilets to account for alcohol’s diuretic effects.

If your event is 50 attendees or less and up to four hours, you only need to provide one portable toilet. If you serve food and alcohol, this number increases to two toilet rentals.

You must provide at least three portable toilets to host a six-hour wedding with 250 guests. If serving snacks and cocktails, the number of porta potties required increases to four.

If the event is much larger and longer, like an 8-hour festival with 7,000 attendees, you’ll need to provide a minimum of 70 portable toilets. Remember, these can be combined into restroom trailers so long as they are accessible from anywhere on the festival grounds.

Portable Toilet Requirements

Now that you know how many portable toilets per person for events and construction sites, it’s time to review the toilets’ requirements. They must be sanitary, easy to access, and accessible to disabled people.

Must Be Sanitary

OSHA states that all portable toilets must be sanitary for people to use. They require that the porta potties be serviced at least once per week.

OHSA requires event organizers to provide hand-washing stations with access to hot/cold running water, hand soap, and clean towels.

Easy to Access

Portable toilets must be located at most 10 minutes from the worksite, according to OSHA. This is to ensure that workers have easy access to a toilet when they need it.

Placing porta potties too far from the worksite can lead to workers ‘holding it in,’ which can cause health problems. It can also lead to workers taking longer breaks to use the restroom, reducing productivity.

Accessible to People With Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires event organizers to provide one accessible portable toilet for every 20 portable toilets. Portable toilets include ramp landings, wider doors, etc.

Why Choose J Bar

At J Bar, we take our clients’ restroom requirements seriously. We offer a range of toilets, from basic sanitary restrooms for construction sites to luxury restroom trailers for upscale events.

Our toilets are kept clean with hospital-grade disinfectant, a service included in the price of your toilet rental. Additionally, our bathrooms have better ventilation with the grated floor design.

We also handle the logistics of delivery and pickup, so your restrooms are delivered well before the event begins. We also manage the setup and installation, as our skilled team ensures they’re correctly positioned.

We also provide regular maintenance for the duration of your rental period. We clean and restock the portable toilets so guests are comfortable throughout your event.

We also offer onsite attendants if you’re hosting a more upet event. These attendants oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of the luxury trailers at your event.

Hire the Best Luxury Restrooms For Your Next Event

The size of your event, the duration of your event, and the type of food and beverages you will be serving will all play a role in how many portable toilets per person you need. You should also know the requirements per the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

If you host a large party or upscale event, consider hiring a professional restroom rental company like J Bar. We perform over 2,000 sanitary restroom services weekly, and we’d love to work with you, so contact us today.

Lighted Sanitary Restrooms

Portable Bathroom Considerations for Outdoor Event Venues

Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your mental well-being, which is why outdoor event venues are becoming more popular than ever. Do you know what doesn’t do wonders to your mental or physical well-being at these venues outside? A poor choice of portable bathrooms.

Unfortunately, Most people have had unpleasant experiences with bathrooms at an outdoor party space. It doesn’t matter whether it is a festival, wedding, or other type of event; outdoor event venues need to prioritize portable bathroom planning.

Here are some of the top considerations when renting portable bathrooms for an outdoor space.

The Portable Bathroom Style

When you think of a portable bathroom, what comes to mind? The good news is you can access sanitary restrooms, which are clean, colorful, and comfortable for guests. However, you must decide whether you want a standard portable restroom or a luxury style.

Luxury portable restrooms will probably surprise you, as they demonstrate bathroom quality is possible even at venues outside. One of the top considerations venues should consider is investing in a luxury porta potty, which offers plenty of benefits for guests.

Some of the options J Bar has on offer include:

  • The Magnolia
  • The Colorado
  • The Fredericksburg
  • The Lone Star
  • The Wildflower

What type of restroom you pick depends on your outdoor event venue needs. Luxury portable restrooms usually come in a trailer style, which increases the features and amenities possible to include.

Amenities for Guests

When considering your bathrooms for an outdoor space, do not forget about the amenities guests may require. There are simple amenities you need to check are included with the rental, such as paper and soap.

Also, many guests appreciate a mirror to check their appearance, especially at corporate and wedding events. Other amenities to look out for include:

  • Climate control
  • Lighting
  • Running water

During the height of summer in states such as Texas, outdoor event venues can face a challenge. Guests want to enjoy the benefits of venues outside without battling with temperature discomfort. Your bathrooms can be a welcome escape with climate control, which also helps maintain sanitation even on the hottest days.

Running water is also a fancy porta-potty feature that guests will appreciate. However, even standard portable restrooms can come with features such as solar power, motion sensor-activated lighting, and ventilation features.


What is your outdoor party space like? Privacy can often be a concern when it comes to portable restrooms, especially when you are limited in space or managing a corporate event. People may even resist using standard portable toilet options, leading to people leaving earlier from events and general discomfort for event attendees.

It is important to check that portable bathrooms work with your outdoor space and provide sufficient privacy. A basic standard should be functioning locks in all bathrooms.

However, luxury portable restrooms also offer more privacy in a trailer style, so guests can take their time. There are also male and women stalls, which can increase guests’ comfort.

Quantity Needed

You can spend time finding the right portable bathrooms for your event, but if you do not rent enough, you are in for many problems. Instead of gaining long lines, dissatisfied guests, and difficult sanitation conditions, take some time to consider the number of bathrooms you need.

For example, luxury portable restrooms come in different sizes to support different outdoor event venues. Portable bathrooms such as the Magnolia have a capacity of around 400 to 550 people for up to ten hours. Before renting bathrooms, check your event numbers and pick enough bathrooms so guests will be comfortable.

Maintenance Requirements

Outdoor event venues also need to monitor the bathrooms throughout the event, so it is important to check how easy the portable restrooms are to clean. Do they include hygienic flooring, such as grates or rolled flooring, which are easy to clean? Check for other features such as trash receptacles, flushable toilets, and running water, which can also improve sanitation.

Exterior and Interior Aesthetic

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful outdoor party space than seeing unattractive portable toilets in the background of photos. When renting portable bathrooms for outdoor events, also consider their aesthetic.

The aesthetic of luxury portable restrooms is one of the main reasons these types of portable bathrooms are increasing in demand. They are in discreet and sleek trailers, which can blend into the space. They also offer stylish interior design to fit different event styles.

For example, J Bar’s Colorado luxury restroom has textured walls, solid countertops, silver backsplash, and rich wood. It is a sleek design, perfect for upscale venues outside. Our Fredericksburg offers another aesthetically-pleasing design, with wood plank rolled flooring, hardwood chocolate cabinets, a fiberglass exterior, and stainless-steel lighting for the ultimate luxury.

These types of luxury portable restrooms have reimagined what is possible when it comes to event bathrooms. They often give public and even private indoor event venue bathrooms a run for their money.

Portable Bathroom Costs

Work out your event budget, and do not neglect to invest in quality portable restrooms. Once you know your budget, you can work out what rental costs and type of portable restroom works best for your needs. Often, providers will also give recommendations based on the factors such as:

  • The event duration
  • Event type
  • The outdoor venue space available
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Attendee headcount

You can also check what is included in the pricing of portable bathrooms so you are on the same page from the beginning. Does the company offer support if an issue arises during the event? Do you get help with delivery and setup?

The Best Service for Outdoor Event Venues

Another important consideration for outdoor event venues is the company you use for your portable restrooms. Not all companies offer the same quality portable restrooms, so take the time to find a reputable local company that can cater to your needs.

J Bar currently provides portable restroom rentals to all of Central Texas, including luxury portable trailer restrooms. Contact us today to discuss your outdoor venue needs.

Portable Restroom Rental Options

A Guide to Your Portable Restroom Rental Options

There are more than 3,400 portable toilet rental companies in the U.S. today. The high number of rental companies tells us one thing; the U.S. has a high demand for portable restrooms.

Any time that you’re planning an outdoor event, you’ll need to consider where guests and employees will use the restroom. From festivals to weddings, making sure that guests, customers, or staff have plenty of toilets available to them is key to the success of your event.

But before you schedule a portable restroom rental, you’ll need to decide which type of restroom is right for your event. Keep reading as we discuss the two portable restroom rental options, and how to decide which is the right choice.

Sanitary Restrooms

When most people think about renting a portable toilet, they think of sanitary restrooms. Often called porta-potties, these colorful, plastic-enclosed toilets are a popular option for all kinds of events.

Rental porta potties require no electricity or water. Each unit has a single toilet and no sink. However, a hand washing station can be rented alongside sanitary restrooms to give users a space to wash their hands.

Benefits of Sanitary Restrooms

Because of their small footprint and the fact that they don’t require water or electricity to operate, sanitary restrooms can be placed virtually anywhere. That’s why you’ll often see rows of these toilets lined up at festivals, concerts, sporting events, and more.

Sanitary restrooms are often rented individually, allowing you to customize exactly the number of toilets that you need for an event. The units are not connected, which means that you can place each individual toilet where you’d like it. If you’re setting up restrooms for an event, this is a big benefit. You can place a cluster of sanitary restrooms throughout your event so that guests will never have to go too far to find one.

There isn’t a law about how many restrooms you have to provide for an event like there are for a workplace. But you’ll still want to take the time to consider how many you’ll need.

As these units are designed for heavy use, sanitary restrooms are often available for longer-term rentals. Maybe you’re renting a portable toilet for a construction site and will need it for months. Or you need it for a week-long event. In either case, these types of portable restrooms are likely to be the best choice for a longer rental.

Drawbacks of Sanitary Restrooms

Depending on the type of event that you’re planning, sanitary restrooms might not be the best choice. They are usually seen as a lower option, used for outdoor events like festivals or carnivals. For that reason, they might not be the best choice for a fancier event like a wedding or charity event.

Porta potties also tend to get a bad reputation for being dirty, smelly, or poorly ventilated. But you can avoid this drawback by renting your units from a reputable company.

At J Bar Rentals, we’re leaders in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering immaculate sanitary restrooms. Each week of your sanitary restroom rental includes a complete pump out and top-to-bottom cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants. Each of our portable toilet rentals is outfitted with a grated floor to provide ventilation, as well as the strongest deodorizer and non-formaldehyde tank tablets available.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

As far as portable toilet options go, this next style offers an elevated alternative to sanitary restrooms. Luxury restroom trailers are high-end portable toilets. They are still self-contained restrooms. However, they feature flush toilets, working sinks, electricity, stalls, and more.

There are a variety of types of luxury restroom trailers. They range from smaller units to larger trailers with many stalls.

Benefits of Luxury Restroom Trailers

There are plenty of benefits to renting luxury restroom trailers. Perhaps the biggest is that they offer an elevated experience.

Luxury restroom trailers look like real restrooms. When you rent from J Bar Rentals, for instance, you’ll get a luxurious movable restroom. Individual stalls and toilets provide privacy.

A separate sink and vanity space not only lets guests wash their hands but provides a space to freshen makeup and fix hair during your fancy event. Accents like stainless steel lighting, hardwood cabinets, and beveled mirrors make the trailer look like a real, high-end restroom.

Another benefit of restroom trailers is that they are often climate controlled. This means a more comfortable experience, especially in the summer or winter. Some luxury restroom trailers even offer separate sides for men and women, with toilets in addition to urinals.

Drawbacks of Luxury Restroom Trailers

With their elevated appearance, climate control, and luxurious details, it’s tough to find a flaw in restroom trailer rentals. However, there are a few.

Perhaps the most important is that they are more limited in the amount of use that they can handle. For instance, the four-station unit, called The Fredericksburg, from J Bar Rentals can handle between 200 and 400 people during an eight to ten-hour period.

Compared to a row of sanitary restrooms that can be pumped out weekly, this is a small number. If you’re hosting a larger event, luxury restroom trailers might not be a great choice.

Luxury restroom trailers also come at a higher cost than sanitary restrooms.

Choosing the Right Type of Portable Restroom Rental

Sanitary restrooms and luxury restroom trailers are the two most common and popular portable restroom rental options. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Considering those can help you decide which option is right for your next event.

If you’re looking for sanitary restrooms or luxury restroom trailers, we can help. Once you’ve decided which type of toilet rental is right for your event, you can schedule your service online.

Luxury Restroom Trailer

A Guide to Choosing Luxury Restroom Trailers for Your Special Event

With 81% of Americans traveling during the summer months, it’s clear that people prioritize spending time outdoors. And if you’re planning an outdoor event that will attract a crowd, you’ll need to be prepared. That means investing in the right venue and the right restrooms to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Read on to find a guide to choosing luxury restroom trailers for your special event!


Consider the Nature of Your Event

Are you hosting a formal affair or a laid back summer event? The type of event can inform the type of portable bathroom you need. After all, informal music festivals won’t require the same level of luxury as anniversary parties or weddings.

Additionally, factor in the length of the event. Longer events, like music festivals or art fairs, may need more bathroom stalls with fewer frills. But shorter events with more select invitees make luxury trailers a good choice.

In general, you will want at least one portable toilet to accommodate 50 guests. But if you are hosting a fancier outdoor wedding, you may want to increase the restroom availability.

For instance, you could rent four standard portable toilets plus two luxury restroom trailers. The trailers could be reserved for the wedding party and family. The remaining toilets could accommodate other guests.

For fancier events, guests may appreciate well-lit bathroom stalls where they can touch up makeup or change clothes. Weddings, in particular, are a perfect match for luxury trailers.

Also, you could have individuals in wheelchairs or elderly guests in attendance. They will appreciate having ramp access to the unit, and chairs within the trailer’s interior. Look at your guest list to help determine how many bathroom trailers would be appropriate.

Know What Amenities You Want

You have options when it comes to portable restroom trailers. Some are fancier than others. But all quality portable toilets should offer secure doors and ventilation.

With luxury restroom trailers, however, you get an elevated bathroom experience. The best luxury restroom vendors will have several levels of options. And you might be amazed by how much each unit’s features mimic some of the best traditional luxury bathrooms.

For example, you can get trailers equipped with classy backsplashes and wood plank floors for an inviting experience. Beveled handles and stainless steel fixtures can add upscale detailing, as well. And you’ll have a grand vanity with plenty of space to rest a purse or wallet.

Other common features include climate-controlled environments, spacious square footage, and large mirrors. You can trust that a luxury trailer’s doors are secured with deadbolts and the lighting is much brighter than that of a standard portable toilet.

Understand the Venue’s Guidelines

Before signing a contract and committing to a vendor, be clear on your venue’s regulations. Some places may not permit outside vendors. Or some places may have preferred vendors they want you to use or place limitations on how many toilets you can rent.

Along the same lines, check to see how many permanent bathrooms are available at your venue. There may be clusters of bathroom stalls that you can use to cut down on your rental needs. You may only need a portable toilet or two to round out the venue’s options.

In addition, be clear on where you can place portable toilets. Some venues may have designated areas. Others might be more flexible.

While you don’t want to put a portable trailer in the middle of the event, you do want it to be visible. Find a level area where your vendor can deliver it. And include enough obvious signage to direct guests toward it.

Compare Bathroom Trailer Options

As with purchasing anything, it can pay to comparison shop. Rather than going with the first vendor you investigate, investigate at least two others, as well. That way, you can make an informed choice and know the range of options.

You may even be able to leverage one offer to get a better one from a competitor. While you’re at it, ask each vendor questions to determine what services you get. This is particularly important for events that stretch over multiple days.

For instance, ask how often the trailers will be cleaned. And ask whether they can be placed or moved by the vendor. And, of course, make sure to get all of these answers in writing and check your contract to see that everything is there.

Look at Your Budget

How much money are you allocating toward rental portable toilets? When you’re accounting for your budget, make sure to leave enough room for restrooms. You may need anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more, depending on the trailer.

Once you’ve evaluated your budget and the tone you want to create, you can arrive at a suitable restroom option. At the very least, more modest trailers still will give guests flushable toilets, sinks, and better lighting. These upgrades could be valuable at family reunions or anniversary parties.

Upgrade to fancier restroom trailers for events like weddings or wine tastings. And remember that you can add your own embellishments to make any level of bathroom trailer feel more welcoming. Introduce a bouquet of flowers, some decorative pictures, or playful signage to personalize this part of your event.

Choose the Best Luxury Restroom Trailers

The best luxury restroom trailers are the ones that make your guests feel comfortable when they are at an outdoor event. Consider the scale and length of your event first. Then look for restroom options that match your event’s tone and needs.

Find the luxury restroom trailers you want for your next event. Contact us for help today!