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Portable Bathroom Considerations for Outdoor Event Venues

Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your mental well-being, which is why outdoor event venues are becoming more popular than ever. Do you know what doesn’t do wonders to your mental or physical well-being at these venues outside? A poor choice of portable bathrooms.

Unfortunately, Most people have had unpleasant experiences with bathrooms at an outdoor party space. It doesn’t matter whether it is a festival, wedding, or other type of event; outdoor event venues need to prioritize portable bathroom planning.

Here are some of the top considerations when renting portable bathrooms for an outdoor space.

The Portable Bathroom Style

When you think of a portable bathroom, what comes to mind? The good news is you can access sanitary restrooms, which are clean, colorful, and comfortable for guests. However, you must decide whether you want a standard portable restroom or a luxury style.

Luxury portable restrooms will probably surprise you, as they demonstrate bathroom quality is possible even at venues outside. One of the top considerations venues should consider is investing in a luxury porta potty, which offers plenty of benefits for guests.

Some of the options J Bar has on offer include:

  • The Magnolia
  • The Colorado
  • The Fredericksburg
  • The Lone Star
  • The Wildflower

What type of restroom you pick depends on your outdoor event venue needs. Luxury portable restrooms usually come in a trailer style, which increases the features and amenities possible to include.

Amenities for Guests

When considering your bathrooms for an outdoor space, do not forget about the amenities guests may require. There are simple amenities you need to check are included with the rental, such as paper and soap.

Also, many guests appreciate a mirror to check their appearance, especially at corporate and wedding events. Other amenities to look out for include:

  • Climate control
  • Lighting
  • Running water

During the height of summer in states such as Texas, outdoor event venues can face a challenge. Guests want to enjoy the benefits of venues outside without battling with temperature discomfort. Your bathrooms can be a welcome escape with climate control, which also helps maintain sanitation even on the hottest days.

Running water is also a fancy porta-potty feature that guests will appreciate. However, even standard portable restrooms can come with features such as solar power, motion sensor-activated lighting, and ventilation features.


What is your outdoor party space like? Privacy can often be a concern when it comes to portable restrooms, especially when you are limited in space or managing a corporate event. People may even resist using standard portable toilet options, leading to people leaving earlier from events and general discomfort for event attendees.

It is important to check that portable bathrooms work with your outdoor space and provide sufficient privacy. A basic standard should be functioning locks in all bathrooms.

However, luxury portable restrooms also offer more privacy in a trailer style, so guests can take their time. There are also male and women stalls, which can increase guests’ comfort.

Quantity Needed

You can spend time finding the right portable bathrooms for your event, but if you do not rent enough, you are in for many problems. Instead of gaining long lines, dissatisfied guests, and difficult sanitation conditions, take some time to consider the number of bathrooms you need.

For example, luxury portable restrooms come in different sizes to support different outdoor event venues. Portable bathrooms such as the Magnolia have a capacity of around 400 to 550 people for up to ten hours. Before renting bathrooms, check your event numbers and pick enough bathrooms so guests will be comfortable.

Maintenance Requirements

Outdoor event venues also need to monitor the bathrooms throughout the event, so it is important to check how easy the portable restrooms are to clean. Do they include hygienic flooring, such as grates or rolled flooring, which are easy to clean? Check for other features such as trash receptacles, flushable toilets, and running water, which can also improve sanitation.

Exterior and Interior Aesthetic

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful outdoor party space than seeing unattractive portable toilets in the background of photos. When renting portable bathrooms for outdoor events, also consider their aesthetic.

The aesthetic of luxury portable restrooms is one of the main reasons these types of portable bathrooms are increasing in demand. They are in discreet and sleek trailers, which can blend into the space. They also offer stylish interior design to fit different event styles.

For example, J Bar’s Colorado luxury restroom has textured walls, solid countertops, silver backsplash, and rich wood. It is a sleek design, perfect for upscale venues outside. Our Fredericksburg offers another aesthetically-pleasing design, with wood plank rolled flooring, hardwood chocolate cabinets, a fiberglass exterior, and stainless-steel lighting for the ultimate luxury.

These types of luxury portable restrooms have reimagined what is possible when it comes to event bathrooms. They often give public and even private indoor event venue bathrooms a run for their money.

Portable Bathroom Costs

Work out your event budget, and do not neglect to invest in quality portable restrooms. Once you know your budget, you can work out what rental costs and type of portable restroom works best for your needs. Often, providers will also give recommendations based on the factors such as:

  • The event duration
  • Event type
  • The outdoor venue space available
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Attendee headcount

You can also check what is included in the pricing of portable bathrooms so you are on the same page from the beginning. Does the company offer support if an issue arises during the event? Do you get help with delivery and setup?

The Best Service for Outdoor Event Venues

Another important consideration for outdoor event venues is the company you use for your portable restrooms. Not all companies offer the same quality portable restrooms, so take the time to find a reputable local company that can cater to your needs.

J Bar currently provides portable restroom rentals to all of Central Texas, including luxury portable trailer restrooms. Contact us today to discuss your outdoor venue needs.

Savanna Gregg