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How Many Portable Toilets per Person Should You Rent?

Imagine you’re attending a festival with a thousand other attendees. You queue for the toilets only to find the event organizers needed to hire more portable toilets.

The long, long queue is getting irate, and some festival-goers choose to leave the event early in anger. This could happen to you if you don’t know how many portable toilets per person you need when planning your outdoor event.

If you don’t provide enough toilets for the number of attendees, you will run into problems. For instance, some guests may be forced to relieve themselves behind a bush.

If you want to avoid this happening at your next outdoor concert, wedding venue, or construction site, keep reading to learn how many you need to hire.

Types of Portable Toilets

Before we get into how many portable toilets to have per person, it’s wise to become familiar with the types of portable toilets you can hire. After all, different occasions will require different toilets.

Single Stall Portable Toilet

This toilet allows one user at a time. This type of toilet rental is best for smaller events or construction sites, especially if there is limited space onsite.

Double Stall Portable Toilet

This toilet rental features two separate toilets with their own entrances. This type of portable toilet is typically found on sites where gender-specific bathrooms are required, such as at a wedding or employee function.

Multiple-Stall Restroom Trailer

Multiple-stall restroom trailers can range in size and features. At J Bar, we offer clients the choice between seven luxury multiple-stall restroom trailers.

How Many Portable Toilets per Person for a Construction Site

When deciding on how many portable toilets per person for a construction site, you must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Standards. According to OSHA, you need at least a single portable toilet regardless of how many employees you have.

This is true until you reach 20 to 200 employees. When this happens, the requirement increases to one portable toilet and one portable urinal for every 40 workers.

When you have more than 200 workers onsite, you need one portable toilet and one portable urinal for every 50 employees. So, for instance, if your construction site had 250 employees, you legally have to provide five portable toilets and five portable urinals. These don’t have to be individual units; you can use a restroom trailer if it covers the minimum requirements.

How Many Portable Toilets per Person for an Event

When hosting an event like an outdoor concert or wedding, you must comply with the guidelines set out by OSHA. How many portable toilets per person for an event will depend on the duration of the event and what food and beverages you choose to offer. For instance, if your event serves alcohol, you’ll need to increase the number of portable toilets to account for alcohol’s diuretic effects.

If your event is 50 attendees or less and up to four hours, you only need to provide one portable toilet. If you serve food and alcohol, this number increases to two toilet rentals.

You must provide at least three portable toilets to host a six-hour wedding with 250 guests. If serving snacks and cocktails, the number of porta potties required increases to four.

If the event is much larger and longer, like an 8-hour festival with 7,000 attendees, you’ll need to provide a minimum of 70 portable toilets. Remember, these can be combined into restroom trailers so long as they are accessible from anywhere on the festival grounds.

Portable Toilet Requirements

Now that you know how many portable toilets per person for events and construction sites, it’s time to review the toilets’ requirements. They must be sanitary, easy to access, and accessible to disabled people.

Must Be Sanitary

OSHA states that all portable toilets must be sanitary for people to use. They require that the porta potties be serviced at least once per week.

OHSA requires event organizers to provide hand-washing stations with access to hot/cold running water, hand soap, and clean towels.

Easy to Access

Portable toilets must be located at most 10 minutes from the worksite, according to OSHA. This is to ensure that workers have easy access to a toilet when they need it.

Placing porta potties too far from the worksite can lead to workers ‘holding it in,’ which can cause health problems. It can also lead to workers taking longer breaks to use the restroom, reducing productivity.

Accessible to People With Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires event organizers to provide one accessible portable toilet for every 20 portable toilets. Portable toilets include ramp landings, wider doors, etc.

Why Choose J Bar

At J Bar, we take our clients’ restroom requirements seriously. We offer a range of toilets, from basic sanitary restrooms for construction sites to luxury restroom trailers for upscale events.

Our toilets are kept clean with hospital-grade disinfectant, a service included in the price of your toilet rental. Additionally, our bathrooms have better ventilation with the grated floor design.

We also handle the logistics of delivery and pickup, so your restrooms are delivered well before the event begins. We also manage the setup and installation, as our skilled team ensures they’re correctly positioned.

We also provide regular maintenance for the duration of your rental period. We clean and restock the portable toilets so guests are comfortable throughout your event.

We also offer onsite attendants if you’re hosting a more upet event. These attendants oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of the luxury trailers at your event.

Hire the Best Luxury Restrooms For Your Next Event

The size of your event, the duration of your event, and the type of food and beverages you will be serving will all play a role in how many portable toilets per person you need. You should also know the requirements per the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

If you host a large party or upscale event, consider hiring a professional restroom rental company like J Bar. We perform over 2,000 sanitary restroom services weekly, and we’d love to work with you, so contact us today.

Savanna Gregg