Portable Restroom Rental Options

A Guide to Your Portable Restroom Rental Options

There are more than 3,400 portable toilet rental companies in the U.S. today. The high number of rental companies tells us one thing; the U.S. has a high demand for portable restrooms.

Any time that you’re planning an outdoor event, you’ll need to consider where guests and employees will use the restroom. From festivals to weddings, making sure that guests, customers, or staff have plenty of toilets available to them is key to the success of your event.

But before you schedule a portable restroom rental, you’ll need to decide which type of restroom is right for your event. Keep reading as we discuss the two portable restroom rental options, and how to decide which is the right choice.

Sanitary Restrooms

When most people think about renting a portable toilet, they think of sanitary restrooms. Often called porta-potties, these colorful, plastic-enclosed toilets are a popular option for all kinds of events.

Rental porta potties require no electricity or water. Each unit has a single toilet and no sink. However, a hand washing station can be rented alongside sanitary restrooms to give users a space to wash their hands.

Benefits of Sanitary Restrooms

Because of their small footprint and the fact that they don’t require water or electricity to operate, sanitary restrooms can be placed virtually anywhere. That’s why you’ll often see rows of these toilets lined up at festivals, concerts, sporting events, and more.

Sanitary restrooms are often rented individually, allowing you to customize exactly the number of toilets that you need for an event. The units are not connected, which means that you can place each individual toilet where you’d like it. If you’re setting up restrooms for an event, this is a big benefit. You can place a cluster of sanitary restrooms throughout your event so that guests will never have to go too far to find one.

There isn’t a law about how many restrooms you have to provide for an event like there are for a workplace. But you’ll still want to take the time to consider how many you’ll need.

As these units are designed for heavy use, sanitary restrooms are often available for longer-term rentals. Maybe you’re renting a portable toilet for a construction site and will need it for months. Or you need it for a week-long event. In either case, these types of portable restrooms are likely to be the best choice for a longer rental.

Drawbacks of Sanitary Restrooms

Depending on the type of event that you’re planning, sanitary restrooms might not be the best choice. They are usually seen as a lower option, used for outdoor events like festivals or carnivals. For that reason, they might not be the best choice for a fancier event like a wedding or charity event.

Porta potties also tend to get a bad reputation for being dirty, smelly, or poorly ventilated. But you can avoid this drawback by renting your units from a reputable company.

At J Bar Rentals, we’re leaders in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering immaculate sanitary restrooms. Each week of your sanitary restroom rental includes a complete pump out and top-to-bottom cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants. Each of our portable toilet rentals is outfitted with a grated floor to provide ventilation, as well as the strongest deodorizer and non-formaldehyde tank tablets available.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

As far as portable toilet options go, this next style offers an elevated alternative to sanitary restrooms. Luxury restroom trailers are high-end portable toilets. They are still self-contained restrooms. However, they feature flush toilets, working sinks, electricity, stalls, and more.

There are a variety of types of luxury restroom trailers. They range from smaller units to larger trailers with many stalls.

Benefits of Luxury Restroom Trailers

There are plenty of benefits to renting luxury restroom trailers. Perhaps the biggest is that they offer an elevated experience.

Luxury restroom trailers look like real restrooms. When you rent from J Bar Rentals, for instance, you’ll get a luxurious movable restroom. Individual stalls and toilets provide privacy.

A separate sink and vanity space not only lets guests wash their hands but provides a space to freshen makeup and fix hair during your fancy event. Accents like stainless steel lighting, hardwood cabinets, and beveled mirrors make the trailer look like a real, high-end restroom.

Another benefit of restroom trailers is that they are often climate controlled. This means a more comfortable experience, especially in the summer or winter. Some luxury restroom trailers even offer separate sides for men and women, with toilets in addition to urinals.

Drawbacks of Luxury Restroom Trailers

With their elevated appearance, climate control, and luxurious details, it’s tough to find a flaw in restroom trailer rentals. However, there are a few.

Perhaps the most important is that they are more limited in the amount of use that they can handle. For instance, the four-station unit, called The Fredericksburg, from J Bar Rentals can handle between 200 and 400 people during an eight to ten-hour period.

Compared to a row of sanitary restrooms that can be pumped out weekly, this is a small number. If you’re hosting a larger event, luxury restroom trailers might not be a great choice.

Luxury restroom trailers also come at a higher cost than sanitary restrooms.

Choosing the Right Type of Portable Restroom Rental

Sanitary restrooms and luxury restroom trailers are the two most common and popular portable restroom rental options. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Considering those can help you decide which option is right for your next event.

If you’re looking for sanitary restrooms or luxury restroom trailers, we can help. Once you’ve decided which type of toilet rental is right for your event, you can schedule your service online.

Savanna Gregg