J Bar promotes safety with service for customers and staff

This article is the second installment in our Securing Safety & Sanitation series! Stay tuned for more articles, videos, and social media posts about not only the importance of portable sanitation and safe work environments for our customers, but how we keep our staff safe at our facility and out in the field. At J Bar, safety is a top priority and along with our servicing procedures, many aspects of our work contribute to the health and safety of thousands of communities and families. This second installation in our Safety series describes the services J Bar offers, and the processes we operate by, to promote a safe work environment.

Whether you are a contractor working through the summer heat to get a job done, or an event guest enjoying an outdoor festival or concert, you deserve properly sanitized and comfortable restrooms readily available for you to take care of business and get back to what is important. 

We at J Bar recognize that need across all industries and professions, and are here to make that aspect of your day worry-free. 

J Bar offers a full line of construction site rentals, and this includes a large variety of sanitary restrooms and additional products to keep you, your guests, and your staff safe and healthy.

Sanitary Restrooms

Sanitary Restrooms

We know you have had your fair share of awful porta potty experiences. That is why we call our units sanitary restrooms – when you go with J Bar, gone are the days of dreading going into a portable toilet. Our restrooms are delivered immaculately clean, graffiti free, and ready to protect you from bacteria with our hospital-grade disinfectant that is sprayed over the entire unit – inside and out. 

We offer a wide range of sanitary restrooms including our standard units, ADA-accessible units with baby changing stations, Elite sanitary restrooms that feature a full hand wash station inside the unit for the ultimate convenience, and for a more upscale event or long term construction site, we offer luxury restroom trailers!

We offer a line of special event restrooms that come with solar-powered lights and ventilation fans for the best event restroom experience for you and your guests! These special features are present in all of our event units – including the standard, women’s, and ADA-accessible units. Our women’s special event units have solid floors for the ladies with heels, and feature mirrors on the doors for makeup touch-ups when needed.

Luxury restroom trailers 

While popular among both large and small events, our luxury restroom trailers are for everyone! These trailers are climate-controlled and feature running water, flushing toilets, bluetooth capabilities, and more. Their clean and elegant decor lends a comfortable experience for any patron. 

Our luxury restroom trailers come immaculately clean and sanitized, and ready to offer you some peace and quiet and peace of mind, afforded by a sanitary environment that allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of an event or jobsite, and return to your tasks safe and healthy.

Even in the heat of the summer, work doesn’t stop and neither do our special events. If you would like to provide air conditioning and running water for your crew or your event guests, our luxury restroom trailers are the perfect option.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Additional rentals

Keep your hands clean with our additional hand wash stations and hand sanitizer stations. These standalone units can be added to your rental, and include the weekly servicing in the cost; our additional units receive the same care and sanitization process as our restrooms to ensure you remain safe and healthy on the job site.

Hand wash stations do not need to be attached to a water source – each week our drivers will refill the water tank and empty the gray water tank to keep your hand wash station flowing.

J Bar’s weekly service is top notch

Our restroom rentals come with an intensive, weekly cleaning procedure (and more frequently if you have a need for extra services). We are eager to advocate for the health and safety of all of our customers and ultimately, their families at home and the community as a whole. This starts with the delivery of spotless restrooms and the maintenance of that cleanliness. 

Fun fact: J Bar is one of the few companies in this industry that includes a hospital-grade disinfectant in their weekly service. Even better, our disinfectant is eco-friendly and extremely powerful. The disinfectant kills bacteria on contact for 10 days, and with our standard weekly service, you don’t have to worry about reaching beyond that 10th day! 

Our weekly servicing procedure involves ten intensive steps that include a tank pump and refill of water and blue chem, graffiti removal if needed, power washing inside and outside the unit, and more. For a detailed video of our service procedure, watch this video.

J Bar staff is protected too

Our staff’s health and safety is just as important as yours, and to ensure they are able to return home to their families satisfied with their own work environment, we provide PPE to keep them protected during their weekly routes – our drivers use gloves and masks while servicing, but they also heed the requirements of dangerous work sites and are prepared to bring hardhats onto a site when needed. 

Drivers are also provided a safety kit that includes first aid products and other items enabling them to take care of safety situations as they arise.

Holding Tanks & RV Pumping

Our staff’s health and safety goes beyond keeping them sanitized, too! Our trucks are designed to be ergonomically beneficial to our drivers as they utilize the hoses and equipment on the truck throughout their service route. The hoses are placed lower on the trucks, preventing the driver from overreaching and injuring their backs while they service units. 

Safety is a priority at J Bar, for all involved!

Restoring comfort to uncomfortable situations

Contractors and event goers are our most reliable narrators when it comes to feedback about their portable restroom options on the jobsite and at festivals and concerts. You know what you are looking for when you are on the hunt for a clean area to use the restroom, and most people don’t find that environment often enough. 

Our goal at J Bar is to empower you on the jobsite and at events. Whether you are working your 9 to 5 or enjoying a weekend festival, you deserve to exit a restroom with your dignity intact. With each restroom we place on a site, our mission is to remove the stigma that comes along with “porta potties” and “portajohns” and truly restore comfort to those uncomfortable situations with our sanitary restrooms. 

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Savanna Gregg