J. B. A. R. spells safety at J Bar

This article is the third installment in our Securing Safety & Sanitation series! Stay tuned for more articles, videos, and social media posts about not only the importance of portable sanitation and safe work environments for our customers, but how we keep our staff safe at our facility and out in the field. At J Bar, safety is a top priority and along with our servicing procedures, many aspects of our work contribute to the health and safety of thousands of communities and families. This third installation in our Safety series describes the fleet features we have implemented to ensure our drivers remain safe on the road, and in turn keep our community safe.

Did you know that there is more than one message shared through our name, J Bar? One of those meanings serves as a reminder to our staff each and every day to remain safety minded during their routes or their tasks at our facility:

J – Just 

B – Be

A – Aware &

R – Responsible

Drivers are reminded to stay aware and responsible while they are on the road, and many safety features are implemented in our fleet to make that easier. 

Awareness & Visibility 

Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with four-way strobe lights to ensure the driver is visible to others not only when they are driving down the road, but when they are pulled over on the shoulder to service a unit. This enhanced visibility reduces the chance of the driver being struck by another vehicle traveling down the road, and alerts people to their presence so they may move out of harm’s way. 

Protecting the community 

One aspect of keeping our drivers and community safe is the backup cameras on our fleet. With the alarms that sound when the vehicle is in reverse, you will know when it is time to move out of the way; on the other hand, with the audio features on the inside of the truck, our driver is able to hear what might be behind them out of their view. 

J Bar’s fleet is also equipped with forward facing and in-cab cameras powered by Lytx software that records not only the driver’s surroundings but also their actions inside the vehicle to ensure the utmost level of safety and accountability in the event of a collision or other issue while on the road. Our dispatch and route managers constantly monitor the Lytx systems to ensure our drivers are following the procedures designed to keep them, our customers and our communities safe while they are out on the road, navigating through neighborhoods, and driving through construction sites.

Driver Health

Something often overlooked in the workplace is the ergonomic impact of certain features on the job site. Just as office staff get strain on their joints and tendons by improperly sitting at their desk, our drivers are subject to injury. Thankfully, our service trucks have just what the drivers need to avoid injury while they are servicing our sanitary restrooms. 

Our trucks are equipped with different hoses to get the job done, and they are placed at a lower level so the driver doesn’t have to reach for equipment constantly throughout the day. Furthermore, the hoses are on retracting reels, so no rolling up or winding is needed. This saves time for the driver, and keeps them safe from injury.

Holding Tanks & RV Pumping

J. B. A. R. at J Bar

Keeping our customers and communities safe doesn’t stop at the service we provide. From the moment our drivers get into their vehicle to start their routes, they are reminded to remain aware of their surroundings and responsible for keeping themselves and others safe throughout the day. Our goal is to keep our drivers safe and allow them to return home to their families each night, after a long day of serving others. 

To learn more about J Bar’s fleet safety, check out this video

Savanna Gregg