The power of portable sanitation & J Bar’s role in keeping communities safe

This blog post kicks off J Bar’s safety campaign! Stay tuned for more articles, videos, and social media posts about not only the importance of portable sanitation and safe work environments for our customers, but how we keep our staff safe at our facility and out in the field. At J Bar, safety is a top priority and along with our servicing procedures, many aspects of our work contribute to the health and safety of thousands of communities and families. This first installation in our Safety series describes the importance of portable sanitation, and what we as a team are doing to promote this in as many areas as we can.

In our fast-paced world, one aspect that often goes unnoticed but plays a vital role in ensuring public health and safety is portable sanitation. From bustling cities to remote construction sites, the importance of proper sanitation cannot be overstated. Luckily, companies in the portable sanitation industry have been coming up with ways to proactively protect their customers and communities for years!

J Bar’s and other portable toilet companies’ customer base is primarily comprised of individuals in the construction industry, and we all have the common goal of providing safe and sanitary environments for these people to utilize during their work day, and return home to their families with the satisfaction that they were taken care of in that aspect. 

Portable sanitation solutions bridge the gap where permanent infrastructure may be lacking, offering workers a clean and convenient option to maintain their personal hygiene. By mitigating health risks and preventing the spread of diseases, portable sanitation solutions safeguard the well-being of workers and the wider community.

Holding Tanks & RV Pumping

The construction industry is a prime example of an environment that greatly benefits from portable sanitation. Construction sites are dynamic, ever-changing spaces where traditional restroom facilities are often absent or impractical. 

Portable toilets and handwashing stations provide essential amenities for workers, fostering improved morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. By promoting a hygienic work environment, construction companies prioritize the health and well-being of their workforce, leading to reduced absenteeism and increased efficiency.

J Bar Enterprises is here to help achieve those dynamics by offering exceptional services for our large customer base. We understand that you and your employees need proper sanitation on the job site, and our trained service techs stand ready to make it happen for you. 

Securing Sanitation & Safety Series I

J Bar’s Role in keeping our communities safe

1. 10-step cleaning procedure

Part of our mission to cultivate clean work environments and promote cleanliness and health among all job sites is our extensive, 10-step cleaning procedure that is performed on every sanitary restroom we have out on site. There is a reason we call our products sanitary restrooms!

2. Eco friendly, hospital-grade strong disinfectant

One of the steps to our cleaning procedure is a complete spray-down with hospital-grade disinfectant. The eco-friendly product we use kills germs and bacteria on contact for 10 days. With our regular weekly service, you don’t have to worry about that time lapsing!

3. Not just sanitary restrooms

Other aspects of the safety we provide to our customers lies in the line of services we offer. Not only do we provide immaculately clean sanitary restrooms, we have other services like hand wash stations, hand sanitizer stations, and our Elite sanitary restroom featuring a full hand wash station inside the unit. Always giving our customers different options to stay clean and healthy, our complete line of sanitary services sets the bar in this industry. 

4. Staff is protected too

At J Bar, we are safety-minded both at our facility, and in the field, and not only when it comes to our customers. Proper sanitation does not stop at our restroom services. Our staff itself is protected by PPE during services, ensuring they too can return after a long day at work satisfied with the sanitary environment.

Protecting our communities 

The impact of portable sanitation extends beyond the construction industry. From music festivals and sporting events to disaster relief efforts and public gatherings, these facilities play a crucial role in ensuring that communities thrive. By providing accessible, clean restrooms, portable sanitation solutions enhance the overall experience of attendees, promote inclusivity, and contribute to the success of community events.

As we navigate the health and safety challenges in today’s environment, it is essential to recognize the important role of portable sanitation in our communities. By prioritizing public health, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of workers in the construction industry and beyond, portable sanitation solutions transform ordinary spaces into safe, hygienic environments. Let us appreciate and advocate for the power of portable sanitation as we work towards a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Don’t hesitate to provide excellent services to your staff on the job site, or your guests at your next event. Let J Bar help you figure out the best products and services to ensure you are advocating for everyone’s health and safety. Call us today at 830-598-5227 or email us at for more information on our services and to schedule your delivery!

Savanna Gregg