5 Tips for the Summer Event Planner

Summer is upon us, and with that comes months filled with community events and backyard parties. As an event guest, you want convenience and the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of the event. 

As an event planner, your goal is to satisfy your guests and keep them coming back for more. Believe it or not, a major part of the satisfaction with your event revolves around the availability of sanitary restroom facilities for each and every guest who attends. 

Have no fear; that is why J Bar is here!

If you are planning a party this season, look no further than our blog for some tips and tricks to make sure your event goes smoothly. Here are five guidelines to follow to make the sanitation aspect of your event a success, and ultimately create a friendly and welcoming environment for your guests.

Make sure you have enough restrooms

Many people think their restroom at home is sufficient to serve all their guests properly. Depending on the amount of people one may have over, that may be the case, but more often than not, a party at your home can do a bit of damage to not only your septic system, but the inside of your house! 

If you plan to have alcoholic beverages and food at your party, that should be taken into consideration as well, as more food and drinks lead to more bathroom breaks.

Our special event coordinator will be sure to discuss these items with you when you call to schedule your delivery, but if you would like to get an idea of how many units you will need, refer to the chart we have available on our Special Events page.

J Bar Enterprises | 5 Event Planning Tips

Be sure to include everyone in your restroom considerations. Do you have family members with children coming? Individuals in wheelchairs or requiring more space? Our ADA-accessible special event restrooms are a great addition to your party, to ensure everyone is taken care of. (For those planning large public events, keep in mind that according to the Americans With Disabilities Act, at least 5 %, but no less than 1%, of your sanitary restrooms must be accessible and ADA compliant at each location.) 

Will the women on your guest list prefer their own facilities? J Bar has women’s-only restrooms with solid floors that are perfect for ladies in heels, along with a vanity mirror on the inside of the door for makeup touch ups. 

Portable Restrooms

Consider your restroom placement

If you plan to have a luxury restroom trailer for your event, an easily-accessible flat area is recommended for placement. 

If we are not providing electricity and water for the rental, ensure that the trailer placement is within 75 feet of the water and electric hookups on site.

Where will most of the activity be taking place? Having a few restrooms in one spot will reduce the amount of long lines during the event and keep your guests satisfied by the readily available facilities. 

This is another aspect J Bar plays into though. If you are unsure of placement or need extra guidance, we offer a preliminary site check for all large events! Our special event coordinator will be able to provide you with ample information and lead you in the right direction for restroom placement. 

Keep your guests’ hands clean!

The health and safety of event goers should be a top priority for all event planners. Adding hand wash stations to your rental is the best way to ensure that your guests can return home safely, and satisfied with the environment they just experienced. 

J Bar offers separate hand wash and hand sanitizer stations to add to your rental, as well as our Elite sanitary restrooms that feature a full hand wash station inside of the unit. Whether you choose an Elite restroom or separate stations for your guests, that added bit of sanitization will make all the difference.

Order your restrooms ahead of time

You’ve heard the saying “proper planning prevents poor performance,” and that certainly applies to event planning. It is best to schedule your restroom rental months in advance, to ensure availability and to make things run smoothly among the busyness and non-stop preparation of your upcoming event. We will be with you every step of the way to make this the easiest part of your event planning process. 

Overall, remember your guests’ health and safety

It is most important to keep the health and safety of you and your event guests in mind when going through the planning process. Many people think they will be successful going with fewer restrooms for various reasons, but “less is more” does not apply to portable sanitation. 

Cleaner restrooms will lead to guests staying longer because they do not feel uncomfortable using the portable restrooms on site. To ensure cleaner restrooms, be sure to order a sufficient amount of units. Remember, more restrooms means shorter lines, which means happier guests!

With the addition of hand washing stations and hand sanitizer, your guests will feel satisfied with your event, will stay longer, and will go home with nothing but good things to say about their experience. And you will be satisfied with the overall experience knowing that you were able to provide a safe, sanitary, and healthy restroom environment for the families who attended your event.

Health and safety is our top priority here at J Bar, and together we can ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for your guests!

Savanna Gregg