Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Luxury Portable Restrooms Feel More Upscale

Are you planning to bring in portable restroom rentals for a wedding, a family reunion, a charity dinner, or another fancy event? If so, you should think about doing more than just renting a bunch of fancy porta-potties for the occasion.

Luxury portable restrooms will be a much better option. These luxury bathroom rentals will look so much nicer than ordinary porta-potties, which will make them fit in better at a formal event. People won’t be hesitant at all to use a luxury bathroom trailer.

There are, however, some things you might want to consider doing to give a luxury bathroom rental a more upscale appearance overall. You won’t have to break the bank to do any of them. But they’ll make a huge difference in the way a luxury bathroom trailer looks and functions when people enter it.

Here are some of the most cost-effect ways to make luxury portable restrooms feel more upscale at your next event.

Arrange to Have It Parked in the Right Place

When you rent luxury portable restrooms for an event, you’ll be able to have them parked in almost any location you want. You should figure out the best possible place to put them long before they arrive at your event.

Ideally, you want to try to tuck luxury portable restrooms away in a place where they won’t be right out in the open. This alone will prevent them from sticking out like a sore thumb and dragging down the appearance of your event.

But at the same time, you should also attempt to put them in a place where they’ll be easy to find. It’ll ensure that people know where they’re at when they need to use them.

Hang Decorations Up on the Outside of It

Most luxury portable restrooms will be big, white, rectangular boxes without anything on the outside of them. They won’t necessarily be eyesores at your event as long as they’re clean when they show up. But they also aren’t going to be as aesthetically pleasing as you might like.

An easy way to change this is to take some of the decorations for your event and hang them up on the outside of your luxury portable restrooms. It’ll automatically help tie them into the theme for your event and make them look like they belong at it.

You might be pleasantly surprised to see what a few wreaths or even some string lights can do for luxury portable restrooms. These kinds of things can class luxury bathroom rentals right up and make them look even more luxurious than they already do.

Consider Putting Up a Tent Near the Doors for It

Putting decorations on the outside of luxury portable restrooms is one way to make them blend into the crowd. Another way to “hide” your luxury portable restrooms in plain sight is by putting up a tent near the doors for it.

This tent will instantly make your luxury portable restrooms look a little classier by making it less obvious what they are. It’ll also provide people who are waiting to use your luxury portable restrooms with the protection they’ll need from the elements.

Create a Waiting Area for It

If you decide to put up a tent outside of your luxury portable restrooms, why not go all out and set up a waiting area underneath it? You can put out a few fancy chairs for people to sit in while they’re waiting to use a luxury bathroom rental. You can also put up photos, decorations, and anything else that might make this waiting area more welcoming.

There will be lines that’ll form outside of your luxury portable restrooms every so often throughout your event. A waiting area will be a perfect addition since it’ll give people a chance to unwind for a few minutes while waiting their turn.

Decorate the Inside of It

We already touched on why you should decorate the outside of luxury portable restrooms. But why stop there? You might want to go ahead and decorate the inside of it, too.

You should purchase some extra decorations for your luxury portable restrooms in the form of photos, artwork, wreaths, and whatever else you might want to hang up. It’ll keep the theme for your event running throughout your luxury portable restrooms and make them feel like they’re more a part of it.

Put Out Hand Soap, Toiletries, Etc. Inside of It

When people step inside your luxury portable restrooms, you want to give them the impression that you thought about everything when renting it. So outside of just decorating it, you should also put out high-quality hand soap and create a basket filled with toiletries that people might want to use.

This basket should be filled with things like lotions, mouthwash, breath strips, and even colognes and perfumes if you really want to go all out. It’ll take your luxury portable restrooms to the next level and make them classier than you could have ever imagined.

Make the Inside of It Smell Nice

At the end of the day, a luxury bathroom trailer is still going to be, well, a bathroom no matter how hard you might work to make it feel upscale. Because of this, getting it to smell nice might be a challenge.

But you should be able to do this with some combination of air fresheners, potpourri, and maybe even candles. These kinds of things will make the inside of your luxury portable restrooms smell so much nicer and put them over the top.

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