Excellence in the Ordinary & Honest Communication | Ensuring Safety at J Bar Enterprises

June is National Safety Month, and at J Bar Enterprises, we’re committed to making safety a top priority for everyone, everywhere. As a leading portable sanitation company, we believe that safety starts with each of us at work and home, and extends to our communities. Each week we will introduce a safety procedure or a bit of knowledge about safety, and explain how it correlates with one of our core values.

We will cover processes and procedures we follow here at our facility, as well as global safety measures you can take to support those around you. Be sure to follow along with this journey and keep an eye out for blog posts, videos, and a podcast episode with our Safety & Training Steward, who has decades of experience in the field!

At J Bar Enterprises, our commitment to excellence and honest communication forms the backbone of our operations. These values guide our efforts to keep our staff, customers, and communities safe. As an employer, it is our duty to ensure that our team is well-trained, informed, and equipped to perform their duties safely and effectively. By doing so, we protect not only our employees but also the customers and communities we serve.

Excellence in the Ordinary

Excellence isn’t only about grand achievements; it’s about performing everyday tasks with care, precision, and dedication. At J Bar, we believe that even the most routine tasks, when done with excellence, contribute to the overall safety and satisfaction of our customers. This is especially important when it comes to safety protocols and training.

Training and Education: Our responsibility as an employer is to provide comprehensive training and education to our staff. This includes:

  • Safety Procedures: Training on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), proper handling of equipment, and emergency response protocols.
  • Sanitation Standards: Ensuring our team understands and follows our 10-step sanitary restroom cleaning process, which includes power washing, scrubbing, and disinfecting with hospital-grade solutions.
  • Ongoing Education: Keeping our staff updated on the latest safety standards and practices through regular training sessions and workshops.

Why It Matters: By investing in the continuous education and training of our staff, we ensure that they are prepared to handle any situation safely and efficiently. This not only protects them but also ensures that our customers receive the highest quality of service.

Honest Communication

Honest communication is crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. At J Bar, we prioritize transparency in our training processes and safety protocols.

Open Discussions: We believe in having open and honest discussions about safety, even when the topics are uncomfortable. JP Erskine, our Training and Safety Steward with 27 years of experience as a Fire Marshal at the Burnet Fire Department, emphasizes this point:

“Honest communication requires discussions about topics we don’t always want to address. Personal safety talks can seem like they are taking away the fun of something. But they are crucial in the professional development of our staff and provide a great deal of knowledge that they can potentially pass along to others and share the wealth, contributing to a continuous cycle of safety and education.”

Why It Matters: Transparent communication ensures that everyone on our team is aware of the risks and understands the importance of following safety protocols. It builds trust within our team and reassures our customers that we are committed to their health and safety.

Protecting Our People and Communities

Our dedication to safety training and honest communication extends beyond our team. It impacts the customers and communities we serve. Here’s how:

Educating Our Staff: By thoroughly training our staff, we empower them to perform their duties safely and competently. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that our customers can trust the services we provide.

Protecting Our Customers: Well-trained staff means better service and increased safety for our customers. Whether it’s ensuring the sanitary conditions of our portable restrooms or handling equipment safely, our customers can rest assured that their health and safety are our top priorities.

Community Impact: When our employees are well-informed and practice safety consistently, they pass these values on to their families and communities. The knowledge they gain at J Bar can help them educate others about safety, creating a ripple effect that benefits the broader community.

From Our Family To Yours

At J Bar Enterprises, our commitment to excellence and honest communication is reflected in everything we do. We believe that by prioritizing the safety and education of our staff, we not only enhance their professional development but also contribute to the well-being of our customers and communities.

We invite you to learn more about our safety protocols and training processes through these blog posts and other resources on our website. Rest assured, when you choose J Bar, you are choosing a company that takes your health and safety seriously.

Thank you for trusting us to serve you. Together, we can create a safer, healthier environment for everyone.

Savanna Gregg