Tanis Jamar PSAI Board

J Bar is proud to announce that our owner and Chief Wellness Officer Tanis Jamar was recently elected to the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) Board. 

Tanis joins a group of dedicated, passionate individuals that are working hard to make sanitary conditions more accessible to people around the world, educate others about the importance of the industry, and advocate for other companies that share the goal of providing sanitary services for our communities.

Since 2008, Tanis and her husband, CEO David Jamar, have gained a great deal of experience in the industry. This new role will allow Tanis to share her experiences with others in an effort to improve the industry where it’s needed, give input in industry standards and laws, and gather insight into new or improved processes that benefit companies in the industry.

“One of the things that I think are the most exciting to me about being elected to the PSAI Board is the ability to promote membership amongst other providers in our local area and our state that are not currently participating in this professional industry organization,” Tanis said. 

David and Tanis started J Bar at a young age, and the opportunity to assist other companies that are starting out just as J Bar did is motivating to Tanis.

“There is a soft spot in my heart for those who are young in this industry and may also be young in owning and operating a business,” Tanis said. “David and I learned a lot of lessons in this industry and in business the hard way because, at the time, we didn’t have anyone to draw wisdom and experience from.” 

The PSAI is based out of Minnesota, but its members represent 30 countries around the world; their vision is “a world in which clean and safe sanitation is accessible to all,” and they work closer to that each and every day. A major part of ensuring these services are available to a global community is educating, advocating for, and supporting those companies who are providing those services.

“For the portable sanitation industry to continue to show overwhelming value to the customer and promote dignity to the end user I believe the providers in the industry need to embrace the PSAI and a universal set of industry standards,” Tanis said.

While the portable sanitation industry is young compared to others, great strides have been made in the years since it started in the World War II era; our J Bar team is excited to see Tanis jump into this new role and see where it takes her, other companies, and the industry as a whole, in the next three years. 

“This is such a vibrant and growing industry and I hope that my involvement on the board over the next three years will result in specific and pointed support in companies that are less than five years old, as well as support and encouragement to combat burnout for those who are well established in the industry,” Tanis said.

Being involved in the portable sanitation industry is more than just supplying sanitary restrooms to job sites! Here are a few facts about the PSAI, which is recognized internationally as a credible, authoritative voice providing education and information for the portable sanitation industry.

  • The PSAI hosts annual conferences and conventions that industry leaders attend to network with others, hear about others’ experiences, and learn about new products and services designed to benefit those in the industry.
  • The PSAI offers scholarships to portable sanitation employees and their family members each year.
  • The PSAI recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry and their communities, with the Andy Gump Award, the Service Technician of the Year award, and the Flay & Glenda Anthony Volunteer of the Year Award.
  • The PSAI website has a vast list of resources for people seeking sanitary services, companies seeking vendors and equipment, and a library of information about the PSAI and the portable sanitation industry.

Savanna Gregg