J Bar Contractor’s Services Referral Program

We believe there is no other company that provides the level of service and cleanliness that J Bar does. We also know there is no better advertising than word of mouth. When you refer someone to us we will return the favor by sending you a prepaid $20 visa gift card.

The Rules:

• Gift cards will be issued for each new customer referred to J Bar who orders any of J Bar’s rentals. A new customer is defined as a business or individual that has never done business with J Bar.

• New customer must provide J Bar with the name and phone number of the person who referred them. If you have a card with a  referral number on it please provide that at the time of scheduling service. J Bar will not award gift cards without this information being provided at the time services are scheduled.

• Gift cards will be issued at the rate of one per new customer, not one per new jobsite.

Example: if you refer John’s Concrete Company and John calls and orders a sanitary restroom for 100 Mockingbird Ln. you will receive one (1) $20 gift card. If John’s Concrete Company orders a restroom for 100 Mockingbird Ln. and 505 First St. you will still receive one (1) $20 gift card. If John’s Concrete rented something from J Bar back in 2010 your referral will not be eligible for a referral award.

When someone you refer schedules a rental and provides J Bar with your name and phone number someone from J Bar’s office will contact you to find out if you want your gift card mailed to you, or if you would prefer to come in and pick it up. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send us, or the number of gift cards you can receive for qualified referrals so start spreading the word!

Please contact J Bar’s office at 830-598-5227 if you have any questions regarding the referral program.


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